There’s little doubt Mexican singer-songwriter Angela Aguilar, 18, is a bona fide music sensation.

Now, she’s expanding from making mega-hits like “En Realidad” and “Tu Sangre En Mi Cuerpo,” and moving on to new territory by teasing she is writing a book.

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Whether she’s finding guidance in the industry from her very-famous father Pepe Aguilar, or looking for inspiration in past generations like her singer-actor grandparents Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, Angela Aguilar has a voice that is entirely her own.

From her beginnings in the industry as a toddler, the Los Angeles-born singer never fails to make jaws drop with her impressive vocal range — especially when singing iconic, traditional tracks like “La Malagueña.” 

While an incredible singer, Aguilar is also a businesswoman. As reported by Variety, she just signed a worldwide deal with performance rights organization SESAC Latina, which might just expand her reach into new creative territories.

The “La Llorona” singer explained that coming to the decision to sign with SESAC was a full-blown family affair, as she always takes her mother and father’s advice into consideration. Aguilar told Variety, “The people that I surround myself with are completely talented in what they do and they’re ambitious and creative.”

She continued, “They have so much experience that I lack of because I’m 18.” She said that although she has been in the music industry since she was “three years old,” she is still young. Aguilar described, “Having mentors, like my parents and being under their record company [Machin Records] is an experience I’m grateful for.”

Now that the deal is in place, many are buzzing about Aguilar possibly going into acting. While we would love to see her channel her grandmother Silvestre and the Golden Age of Mexican cinema stat, we’re going to have to wait. The “Dime Cómo Quieres” singer said that although she has been offered roles, she has declined them. She explained, “if I were to act right now, I wouldn’t be able to be the actress that I want to be.”

While we’re sure Aguilar inherited her forefathers’ acting talents, book writing is another one of her artistic pursuits that might come into play sooner. In fact, reading Alicia Keys’ memoir “More Myself: A Journey” reportedly inspired the Mexican singer to write her own book.

She said, “I started writing a book, just a chapter — my mom doesn’t even know about this… but I read Alicia Keys’ book and I thought it was so interesting.” Keys’ memoir is a famously intimate portrayal of her beginnings, her relationship to her family, and self-love, which all indicates Aguilar’s future book is set to be amazing.

While we’re already obsessed with the idea and would pick up a copy of that book right now if we could, no such luck— yet. The singer said she wants to release her memoir when she is 25 years old, or possibly “sometime much later” in her life. 

Until then, we’ll console ourselves by listening to “Fruta Prohibida”… or yes, probably “La Llorona.”