Another day, another Aguilar family drama. This time around, it all has to do with a dress. At his recent Zacatecas, México concert, singer Pepe Aguilar invited his daughter Ángela Aguilar to sing a duet with him onstage. However, as soon as she appeared, he seemingly took offense at her “revealing,” low-cut dress.

The 53-year-old music legend invited his 18-year-old daughter to sing “Tu Sangre En Mi Cuerpo” with him — a song they recorded together back in 2017. The hit track is beautiful, describing their special father-daughter relationship with lyrics like: “Since God gave me the pride to have you, daughter I want to tell you that I will always be with you.” 

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As hundreds of fans looked on and clapped, waiting for the two to belt out the song, Pepe had other plans. Before the music began, he told daughter Ángela: “Two things to tell you… well, three. Congratulations. The second, want to sing a song with me? And the third, why is that ‘mugrero’ you’re wearing so revealing?”

By “mugrero,” translated to “muck,” “dirt” or even “mess,” the father of four was referring to Ángela’s gorgeous, embroidered gown. Pointing to the fact that her dress was lower cut than other outfits she has worn in the past, the “Prometiste” singer seemed to take offense by it — and didn’t care that hundreds of people were hearing his words.

Even though the 18-year-old “En Realidad” singer laughed and smiled with the rest of the crowd, she still looked embarrassed, immediately covering her chest with her hand. Pepe later said that here, “They said what they felt.” 

Many fans are now reacting to what Pepe told his daughter, and with good reason. While Ángela said at the concert that she hopes to be “a worthy representative of a place… that [she has] been taught to love so much,” she can do that wearing any dress she wants.

One fan wrote, “Pepe she isn’t in kindergarten anymore, let her grow up and if she falls she will dust herself off and get up,” while another echoed the statement, saying his actions were a sign of Pepe being “machista.”

Another Twitter user took more offense at the fact that Pepe chose to scold his daughter in public, writing, “With all respect to Mr. Aguilar… you should not embarrass your daughter in public… respect her.”

Others said that, “Whether he scolds her or not, it’s a family issue” not a public one. More fans went so far as to bring Ángela’s once-reported boyfriend Gussy Lau into it, who is 16 years her senior. The user wrote: “She is with a man who is a lot older than her and there isn’t a problem, but she shows cleavage and you [get angry]. Qué onda?”

Now, fans are hoping either father or daughter responds to the latest dilemma.