Braulio Martinez Rincon from Monterrey, Mexico celebrated his 8-year-old son’s YouTube success in a very special way.

When his son Braulio Samuel Martínez Barragán hit 1,400 subscribers on his channel “Mr. Tailandia Countryballs Y Sus Amigos,” the proud father knew exactly what to do.

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As Rincon shared on Facebook, his 8-year-old often talked about wanting a YouTube plaque. These are usually given to creators for hitting subscriber milestones. While these start at 100,000 for a silver plaque (and go up to red diamond certifications at 100,000,000 subscribers), this dad knew how to keep his son motivated.

Caution — you might get something caught in your eye after watching the video of Braulio receiving the emotional gift.

A dad from Monterrey knew precisely what to do to celebrate his son’s success

As you can see in the adorable photos circulating Twitter, Rincon awarded his son a handmade YouTube plaque made of wood. Celebrating Braulio’s subscriber count, the plaque reads: “Presented to Braulio Samuel Martínez Barragán for passing 1,4000 subscribers.”

In the photos, Braulio wears a huge smile on his face posing with the plaque. He also has an Among Us t-shirt on, so we’re even more obsessed.

Rincon initially shared on Facebook that his son wanted a YouTube plaque. He explained, “I told him I will make him one when he gets to 500 followers.” Adding, “He already has 1,420, I’m going to surprise him today.”


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Braulio’s family presented the YouTube plaque to him in a cardboard box as you can see in this emotional TikTok video. The 8-year-old slowly opens it while filming (presumably for his channel!) and he can’t stop smiling as soon as he sees the token.

Braulio continues to smile, looking back and forth between the gift and his proud family, until tearing up by the end. Round of applause for this budding YouTuber — and his loved ones, of course.

Now, Rincon is going viral for the gift — and Braulio is close to hitting 100,000 subscribers

The Monterrey father posted the photos of the moment on Facebook, writing, “I hope YouTube doesn’t get offended. I don’t have the rights.”

He continued, “My son wanted a plaque so I made it out of wood for reaching 1,400 subscribers on his channel.”

The adorable father-son exchange seemed to have gone extra viral once the Facebook account Cerebros posted about it. In fact, their post reached 93,000 likes and thousands of comments, saying, “[This dad] did all of this to keep supporting his son.”

Other outlets picked up on it as well, including the Twitter news account Indie 505. An exciting fact Rincon shared on Facebook? Argentine superstar producer Bizarrap “liked” the post about Braulio on Twitter — let’s face it, Biza knows a thing or two about going viral.

Here’s Braulio thanking everyone for the support, telling his new subscribers: “Everyone is supporting me, thank you for that and giving likes to my videos.”

Because the internet is amazing sometimes, all the attention on the plaque is turning Braulio’s dreams into reality. In fact, one look at his YouTube channel shows he just hit 104,000 subscribers.

This means that the 8-year-old will soon receive a real silver plaque from YouTube for the achievement.