In his head, he’s known as El Rey or El Jefe de Jefes but we call the hardest working superhero who raised us dad, papá, papi or apá. To show our appreciation for the man who gave up literally everything he had just to see us live a better life, we developed a collection with lots of love that we’re sure he’ll rock with pride. 

For the dad who claims to be the king of the grill. 

Dads are pretty nonchalant about just about anything except two things: fútbol and their carne asada. No clue why dads are so sensitive about their grill skills but gifting him this apron might just bring some emotion out of him. 

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For the new abuelo. 

He may not beg you to have kids as much as mom, but dad really wants grandkids. When he finally earns that title, he’ll want to show it off as much as possible. This tee is perfect for that. 

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For the dad who loves his beer. 

Every mom has her favorite mug but dad never really had a favorite cup…until now. If the remote is already glued to his left had his right hand won’t be able to get rid of this El Jefe mug. 

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For the dad who likes to be referred to as El Jefe. 

When he first heard Los Tigres del Norte sing “soy el jefe de jefes, señores” dad would walk around the house singing those words and pointing to himself. We get it, he likes being called jefe. Imagine when you give him this shirt. He’ll never want to take it off. 

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For the dad who thinks of himself as more of a king. 

If he’s not walking around singing Los Tigres, he’s for sure chugging beer singing every single word to Vicente Fernandez’s rendition of “El Rey.” He’ll lose his sh*t when he sees this shirt. 

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For those related to El Rey. 

If you’ve ever wanted to take one of those family-themed photos, you can theme it around your rey. This collection offers a shirt for la reina (mom), el principe (brother) and la princesa (sister). Though you may not always act like royalty, you can at least pretend to be on the gram. 

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For that papá who is a couch papa. 

If your dad doesn’t fall asleep 2 seconds after his bottom hits the couch, is he even a dad? He’ll get a laugh out of this for sure. 

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For the younger, cooler dad. 

If your dad, baby daddy, brother or tío are on the younger side, they’ll definitely get the reference. This will also grant their wish of making them the green ranger, the one they always wanted to be. 

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For the dad who never has an answer. 🤷‍♂️

We’ve all been there. We wanted dad to let us go out with our friends but no matter how many times we asked, his response was always the same; “pregúntale a tu mamá.”

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For the dad with the ultimate…dad bod. 

Dad bods aren’t just given. They are earned. They take a lot of work to achieve. And by work we mean beer and carne asada. We know dad is sick of being asked what his secret is to looking that round. Now he doesn’t have to say a word. This shirt will do all the talking for him. 

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For the dad who has a million nicknames. 

Some say papá, others say apá, papi, jefe. No matter what you call him, these are all synonymous with the strongest person you’ve ever known. 

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