A new viral TikTok shows a Latino father and stepfather showing blended families how to do it the right way. Responding to his own video, a hilarious and adorable clip captioned “When your baby mama drops off your son and the one that’s not yours!” TikTok user Pancho Cortez took some time to explain the situation further.

Pancho Cortez is part of a great co-parenting team

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the original TikTok:

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All Jokes Aside I Love His Little Brother! Couldn’t Resist This Trend Though 😬🤣 #fyp #babymama #mario #trend

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And then the follow-up, with Cortez’s full response:


All Jokes Aside I Love His Little Brother! Couldn’t Resist This Trend Though 😬🤣 #fyp #babymama #mario #trend

♬ original sound – Sully

It turns out that Cortez is part of a large blended family comprised of him, his son, his ex-partner, her husband, and their son. Instead of tolerating each other for the sake of their children, these co-parents have a healthy relationship full of communication and compassion. So much so that Cortez is happy to spend time with his ex’s son, too.

“His mother and I have an amazing co-parenting relationship,” Cortez says in the video. “She’s married with a little boy.” He then explains how, because her husband is such a great stepdad, he gets to be one, as well. Cortez regards the man’s son as his son’s little brother, and so does he.

Instead of making things difficult, they do what’s best for the kids

“Sometimes, there’s days when they want to go out, they want to do things,” he continues, “but sometimes don’t have a sitter. So if I’m gonna take their son for them… might as well take the little brother too!” Cortez says he has a blast with the kid, regardless, and wants his son to have a good relationship with his brother.

Cortez’s kids make appearances in some of his other TikToks, as well!


Pranking the baby mama’s other son while watching him for her! I was laughing so hard I cried 🤣😭 #fyp #fartprank #coparenting

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“I never mind it. He’s a blast to have with me,” he says. At the end, he adds, “It’s not for everyone. But for me and his mother and his stepfather, it works for us.” It’s rare to see a co-parenting situation that’s this harmonious, so of course everyone is going nuts in the comments.

People can’t get enough of this big, happy, blended family

People in the comments are falling head over heels in love with this family. Some are even sharing stories of their own co-parenting experiences. In fact, Cortez made the follow-up video because of the comments on the initial video.

“My ex took my youngest son and would fly him to NYC during the summers with his son because he didn’t want to separate them,” one commenter wrote. Another co-parent shared their story, writing, “I just finished watching my daughter’s twin brothers for 6 days while BD [Baby Daddy] and his girl went on a vacation.”

A lot of people praised all the parents for being mature enough to keep things amicable and healthy. “You’re right it’s not for everyone…it’s for grown adults,” one person wrote. “This is how ADULTS handle co-parenting!! Love love love this,” wrote another.

However, some people wanted to know if Cortez was single and looking for a lady. “Not me looking through his videos to see if he’s got a significant other bc this is the kinda grown man I’ve been looking for,” one commenter wrote. Cortez even responded to the comment, “Let’s be honest…all I heard was there’s no stepmom.”

“The rabbit hole I just went through reading the comments in this thread had me cracking up! You have a top comment here,” he wrote.