An 83-year-old woman named Olga made waves on TikTok after photographer Sissi Lu spotlighted her on her page, and her grandchildren chimed in. Lu is a photographer who focuses on bridging generational gaps between older and younger people. She approached Olga on the street, asked questions about her life, and took some amazing snapshots.

With nearly 1.5 million views and almost 400,000 likes, the internet is absolutely obsessed with Olga. During the interview, Olga explains that, even though she’s 83, “I don’t feel that. I don’t feel that, [I] forget it.” She also says that she regularly tells people she doesn’t remember her age when she doesn’t feel like telling them.

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Lu then uses a camera to take some wonderful pictures of Olga sitting on a bench outside of what appears to be Central Park in New York City. Between shots, Lu asks Olga more about herself. Olga does the same, complimenting Lu on being a beautiful person and for taking the time to hear her story.

The video inspires a TikTok family reunion as grandchildren chime in!

If that weren’t heartwarming enough, Olga’s grandchildren happened to see Lu’s video on TikTok and confirmed that Olga is, in fact, their grandmother. Two women, Christina Soccorso and another person identified only as Jules, commented under Lu’s video.

Soccorso wrote, “THIS IS MY GRANDMAA!!! You have brought me to tears with this video!!!!! You made her day. Thank you so much.” Elsehwere, Jules wrote, “This is my grandma!!! She immigrated from Ecuador in 1982 & has 10 grown grandchildren now,” with a heart emoji. She also mentions her sister, Marie Cin, and asks to see the photos.

Lu responded to the women in separate TikTok videos. In the first video, she explains that Olga’s niece reached out to her but said she would send prints to Soccorso if she wanted them.


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Responding to Jules, she said she’s happy to be uniting the entire family in the comments.


Replying to @urdiscothequejuliette it’s a family reunion here 💛 love grandma and auntie Olga!

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On her own profile, Soccorso posted a few videos of her own with pictures of her grandmother through the years.


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The commenters can’t get enough of Olga

Commenters are totally eating up these serendipitous interactions. “So pretty! Do you send them the photos cause I bet her and her family would loveee them,” wrote one commenter. Another wrote, “Elders are forgotten so often. We have to engage with them in a positive way more often!”

However, many of them were in disbelief that Olga was 83 years old and not much, much younger. “Olga is a beautiful and elegant woman,” one person wrote. “83? Damn I was thinking 67 she looks amazing,” wrote another. “She doesn’t look 83 at all! What an icon,” another said.