The Catrina costume is one of the world’s most popular. One Mexican mom was inspired by her culture to make a fantastic outfit for her 5-year-old daughter that has left social media impressed.

Karla Delgadillo isn’t a fashion designer or a professional tailor, but she crafted her daughter’s costume in only one week. An entrepreneur who runs a hair accessory shop in Puebla, she dedicates herself to crafting a unique dress for little Nasheily Ruvalcaba every year.

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“She’s very outgoing, and I love boosting her confidence and self-esteem, even when she’s so young,” she told mitú, sharing her little one modeling in contests showcasing the designs.

The creative mom says she designs the costumes not only to raise her daughter’s self-esteem but to make her proud of herself and her roots.

Every year on Halloween, she lets her imagination soar, creating designs for her two kids, Cedrick and Nash

Delgadillo shared she has had a tradition with her children, Cedric and Nash, since they were babies. She always loved letting her creativity run wild.

“I adore crafting, especially for my kids, and I love the Día de los Muertos. I’m proud of our roots and traditions,” she said.

While the little girl dressed as Catrina, her brother, transformed into the spooky nun at the fair. They both won prizes in different contest categories they joined.


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Last year, the little girl wore a Catrina costume with butterfly wings, and her little brother helped his mom make it. In 2021, they both sported mariachi outfits with classic skull makeup.


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“From the day he met her, he’s the best brother she could wish for,” the proud mom wrote on her social media.

Her Catrina costume inspired many to make their own children’s costumes

The clip of the little girl modeling the dress has become a sensation on social media, with users sharing adorable reactions. Some confessed they didn’t expect she could outdo last year’s outfit.

“I’m still surprised remembering the butterfly one. You guys surpassed themselves this year,” shared one user.

Another person added: “She still hasn’t outgrown butterfly wings, and you come out with this. Beautiful! Congratulations.”

Meanwhile, others expressed their admiration for the mother and the love she shows her children. “I respect this mom’s dedication to seeing her children happy.”

Another user commented: “Beautiful girl, your mother is a genius. Every detail, the lights, the gloves, the flowers, the makeup, everything.”

Many asked her for a video tutorial to learn and do them at home with her little ones.

“A tutorial. My baby is still small, but I would like to do something like this someday,” another person wrote.