The bond between a father and his daughter is a unique connection. It is a relationship built on unconditional love, trust, and unwavering support. 

Like superheroes, fathers are known for their abilities to navigate through chaos and provide a swift resolution to any crisis. There’s nothing a father wouldn’t do for his daughter and one TikToker proved just how special her padre is. 

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Geselle Valera, 27, and her father, Jose Peralta, are TikTok famous after sharing a video to her account last week. She revealed her father got into formation and created a dress for her to wear to the Beyoncé concert. 

The clip features the father-daughter duo, with Peralta making alterations to the unfinished product worn by Valera. 


My dad made my outfit for the beyonce concert the night before! #rwt2023 #beyonce #cozydance #cozydancechallenge #renaissanceworldtour @Beyoncé


Finding the perfect outfit can be stressful — Queen Bey was in town! 

Concertgoers attending the “Renaissance” tour have a dress code. CNN reported the theme is Afro futurist disco fantasia. So far, fans have worn silver cowboy boots, bedazzled hats and other creative attire to resemble an “alien superstar.”

For Valera, choosing an outfit was a daunting task. The fear of not finding something that resonated with her style was a source of anxiety for her.

“I didn’t have an outfit for the Beyoncé concert, and my older cousin — who is like a sister — was on FaceTime with me Wednesday night trying to find something on Amazon. Of course, everything in silver was sold outttttttt,” Valera told mitú in a statement.

She continued: “So I was stressed because nothing was going to make it on time. My cousin said, ‘hold on, I found something we can recreate from these two dresses on Amazon. Have your dad alter it into what Beyoncé wore.'”

Her father made the dress inspired by Beyoncé’s similar ensemble

“Friday, the package arrived, and I went running after work to have my dad remake the dress. I didn’t even give him a heads-up. I just told him the day of,” Valera said. 

Valera said her father sprung into action and created the dress on the same day as her sister Michelle’s engagement. Talk about super-dad!

In the video, Peralta transformed ordinary materials into a stunning ensemble, perfectly capturing his daughter’s style. She wore the dress to the first night of the “Renaissance” tour held on July 29 at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. 

In a subsequent post, Valera posed for the camera as she revealed her father’s outfit to her followers.

When asked if Peralta had his own business, Valera said her father had always “aspired” to become an entrepreneur. 

“I always told him to and he’s always aspired to have one. But he came to this country [from the Dominican Republic] at around 33-36 years old. So he just worked hard to get us where we are today,” the 27-year-old said. 

TikTok users couldn’t believe Peralta’s impeccable fashion skills 

The now-viral video remains a hit on the app, with 917.8K views. TikTok users didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts on the dress and Peralta helping his daughter.

“He ate! Giving uncle Johnny made my dress energy,” one user said with tears emojis. 

Several comments referenced Beyoncé’s Uncle Jonny, who she mentions in the song “HEATED” from the 16-track album. The Houston native’s infamous line was a nod to her late uncle, who lost his battle to HIV, according to Bustle.

Additionally, fans continued to chime in on Valera’s amazing outfit!

“This dad needs to be protected at all costs. Beyhive unite,” another user wrote with a bee and sword emojis.

“I need to see you do that ENERGY dance, You look Gorgeous!!!” a third user said with a disco ball and flaming heart emojis. 

“Slayyyyyyyed ….that fabric is everything,” another user said.