Some dishes seem like they’re from another planet, and a Mexican chef has taken this phrase quite literally. Andrés Gallegos drew inspiration from aliens to showcase the versatility of Mexican cuisine. The results are, let’s just say — out of this world.

Through his social media, Gallegos shared how to make delicious Mexican snacks with the body shape of extraterrestrials similar to the ones presented by Mexican Ufologist Jaime Maussan.

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👽🛸👽La Alíen quesadilla, ojala @Jaime Maussan este orgulloso de mi 👽🛸👽 #comidamexicana #comida #alienmexico #alien #andresgallegos

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Ever since he revealed these unique quesadilla-making techniques, this chef has become a sensation on social media, especially among those who adore Mexican cuisine and all intergalactic things.

Gallegos created the alien quesadilla, hoping Maussan would be proud of him

On September 12 Maussan addressed officials in his country to discuss UFOs. There, he presented two bodies in a box, supposedly aliens, found between 700 and 1,800 years old in Peru, according to The New York Post. This is the moment Gallegos found his inspiration to create culinary art.

In the video shared by the chef, a quesadilla made from dough appears, identical to the bodies studied by scientists. How did he prepare it? Adding cheese and shaping it into a body using his hands and kitchen utensils.

Then, he put it in the oven, and when it was ready, he presented it on a bed of breadcrumbs, placed it on a towel, and wrote on his TikTok, “I hope Jaime Maussan is proud of me.”

However, his talent goes beyond these types of dishes. At his restaurant, Michi Sando, he combines Asian cuisine with Mexican street food.

“It’s a fusion of many flavors from both cultures,” he said in an interview on the “Sale el Sol” program earlier this month. There, he presented one of his most famous sandwiches, the Buffalo Birria Sando.

Now, everyone wants a bite out of this cosmic “Quesadillalien”

Of course, people can’t stop reacting to the chef’s creativity with humor and funny suggestions.  Some let their imaginations run wild, speculating how aliens might react if they saw this video, even calling it “Quesadillalien.”

As they put it: “Imagine if the aliens see this as a threat, how we might treat them in various forms.”

Others think the quesadilla shape could serve as a Christmas decoration. “Now I know what to put in the nativity scene this year.”

Many people said it amazed them at how closely the quesadilla resembles the original figures. “Jaime Maussan better not see this; he’ll present it in the Senate tomorrow,” they joked.

However, the fun continues; others have prepared their versions:

And, of course, they cannot leave behind tamales.