A four-year-old boy named Xavian went viral on TikTok last week for throwing a bit of a tantrum with his mom in the car. Did he want a toy or a Micky D’s Happy Meal, perhaps? Nope. He just really wanted to be Mexican… and eat lots of quesadillas.

Xavian’s mother, Belaynesh Gebre, posted the adorable, since-deleted video on her TikTok, quickly amassing millions of views. Although Xavian is Ethiopian, he kept telling his mom, “I want to be Mexican.” When Gebre asked her son why, he simply replied, “Because I eat quesadillas.” Honestly? We get it!

Incredibly enough, Mexico’s national soccer team saw the video and knew they needed to help the boy out. What happened next is yet another reason the internet is amazing sometimes.

La Selección Nacional de México posted a TikTok video showing how they met up with Xavian and his mom the day before winning the Gold Cup against Panama. Warning: you might get something in your eye after watching the four-year-old’s super-cute reaction.

El Tri gave the four-year-old boy tons of official merch — and he was so excited

Mexico’s national soccer team started their TikTok video with a clip of Xavian talking about wanting to be Mexican.

In the video, the team also included a screenshot of them asking fans to help locate the boy. You can see their original tweet here:

It seems like fans worked wonders because, by last weekend, El Tri met up with Xavian and his mother at a hotel.

The team’s video explains, “[Xavian] arrived to the hotel,” including a video of the four-year-old walking down the stairs with his mom.

El Tri player Orbelín Pineda talks to the camera, describing, “We are going to meet Xavian, who wanted some quesadillas.”

“We are going to give him a surprise. We are going to give him a [Selección Mexicana] uniform and [a toy].”

The video is adorable, showing how the four-year-old adorably tells Pineda “Sup?” upon meeting him. We are dying.

After meeting, Pineda hands Xavian an official team plush toy and a goodie bag with the new uniform. Xavian asks, “These are for me?” Pineda replies, “Yes, for you.”

“Oh, cool!” the four-year-old replied with a huge smile.

The four-year-old fan wore La Selección Mexicana’s official uniform while (finally!) eating quesadillas

At that point, Xavian opened the goodie bag and saw the jersey — and yes, he was just as excited as you could imagine.

“And a jersey?!” the four-year-old exclaimed with wide eyes. “And the shorts? So much stuff!” Yep, there’s that little something in our eyes again.

Later in the video, Xavian finally got his one big wish. Pineda himself brought the boy a plate of quesadillas.

The midfielder helped dress the boy in his new uniform, then let him sit in a chair while he ate. At that point, Xavian posed for photos with Pineda and fellow El Tri player, Santiago Giménez.

By the end of the video, El Tri told fans, “Thank you unconditionally to everyone. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

As you can expect, people worldwide are swooning over this moment. Did it bring good vibes for El Tri to win the Gold Cup final? Hey, you never know!

As one TikTok user commented on the video, “He invited to the carné asada 🇲🇽🫶🏼,” with another adding, “Aw so happy for him y’all made his day 😭 he’s officially Mexican.”

Yet another wrote, “Awesome. This is what the world NEEDS unity 🤝 Well done my Man 🤜🤛.”

Over on Twitter, tons of people found the video just as heartwarming. Even if you’re not a fan of El Tri, as one user put it, no one can hate them after that act of kindness:

Another Twitter user exclaimed that little Xavian “has lots of tías and tíos now,” and yes, our hearts are full: