If you didn’t make it to Coachella this year, you might be surprised at the festival’s food prices, which range from $24 chili cheese fries to a $22 tiny bowl of mac and cheese. Of course, we know Coachella is basically Disney World for influencers and weekend tickets start upwards of $500 — so many aren’t so shook at the food prices.

Still, the costs had festival goers shook enough to make entire TikTok videos of menu rundowns… and thousands of viewers can barely believe them.

As one Coachella partier said in her viral TikTok video, “capitalism really popped off” at the festival this year. So much so, that she actually paid $64 for two burritos and two iced coffees. What in the inflation? While thousands of users left comments like, “DID BRO SAY $64??!!” many other festival goers posted their own food price breakdowns. And yes, we all have thoughts. As one TikTok commenter wrote, “This is why I never get jealous when Coachella takes over my feed every year.” The ferris wheel pictures are cute, but not $26-for-a-drink cute.

Coachella partiers are sharing the festival’s food and drink prices… and Couchella-ers that didn’t go have questions


the shittiest part of coachella 🙃😵‍💫

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TikTok user @jackietanti’s video about Coachella’s food prices has amassed 3 million views— because people still can’t believe two burritos and ice coffees can surpass $60. Tanti herself says the prices were the “sh*ttiest part of Coachella,” even though she did say the food was “pretty good.” Were the burritos made of gold? While one user wrote that they “gasped” upon hearing about this, another added, “The coffees look watery and bitter too 😭😭😭.” While tons more asked for a “cost breakdown,” one user kept it simple: “They better be good for that price 😂.”

In the words of Ryan Gosling talking about his suegra’s arroz con leche, those burritos better taste like “an angel crying on your tongue.”

Another festival goer shared her own Coachella food experience on TikTok, and it’s almost even more shocking. User @yvetteciao shared that a Red Bull vodka double-shot cocktail cost her $26, which many commenters saw as… absolute insanity. One person wrote, “You could literally buy an entire bottle of vodka for $26.” You could, you could. Others questioned, “52 dollars for two drinks? what??” and “How do people afford this???”

But wait… it gets worse. That same user also shared that she forked over $24 for chili cheese fries, and ate from a “little cup” of $22 barbecue mac and cheese. As one person asked in the comments, “24$ for fries???” Another added, “✍🏼Going to Cochella✍🏼 step 1) Be rich af.” As @yvetteciao later commented under her own post, “And yes I’m a fool for paying $78 for 3 drinks😵‍💫🥲.”

Sound the alarms — pupusas were $16 at Coachella

Thought we were done there? There’s so much more to cover — and yes, laugh at a bit. For one, pupusas were sold at Coachella — surely making the festival that much more delicious and enjoyable — but were reportedly $16. Meanwhile, TikTok user @eat.with.magda shared her own festival food price breakdown, saying she spent $113 on food and drinks in one day.


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How? All we know is that she spent more than $12 on an iced tea, $15 on a gyro, $15 on a beer (ouch), $14 on a corn dog, and a bit more than $12 on an admittedly-delicious-looking funnel cake. TikTok users couldn’t believe those prices, either. One commenter is all of us writing, “I’m dead over the price of the iced tea……” (same), while others think the $500-plus ticket “should include unlimited food and water at least 😅.”

Coachella food price breakdowns are becoming a bit of a trend on TikTok, just because they’re pretty addictive to watch. Yet another user posted a similar video, and we’re just as shook. As per @shaneyanggg, Coachella chicken tenders and fries are $18.50, and a poke bowl will set you back $20.

Curious about other Coachella food prices? We’ve got you

According to an Insider writer, two hot dogs and two orders of french fries cost $45 at Coachella. A single Heineken costs $15, a simple black coffee goes for $10, and a slice of pizza is $11 (and takes 30 minutes to prepare). A fried chicken sandwich is $17 before tax and tip, and one grilled cheese sandwich with no toppings is $16. What really got us, though? The writer says one side of onion rings costs $14… and fries were $12.

She also explained that a turkey burger meal costs $33… and a strawberry lemonade costs over $18 at the festival.

As you can imagine, Twitter is blowing up with this information, because — it’s pretty insane. Of course, there are memes:

Others are finding a new calling to be a food vendor at next year’s Coachella, and it’s not a bad idea:

Yet another festival goer said they used Afterpay to pay for a Coachella meal, and while we’re not sure if they’re serious— that’s crazy if true:

Is this all inflation? Coachella being greedy? Or a mix of both?