Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, 61, might be best known for his Oscar-winning films like “Roma,” but turns out… he’s also a Swiftie.

Cuarón attended Taylor Swift‘s much-lauded Foro Sol concert in Mexico City last weekend with his children, Tess Bu Cuarón, 19, and Olmo Teodoro Cuarón, 18. Seeing they also attended Beyonce‘s Renaissance tour next to Jay-Z and Salma Hayek back in June, we just have one question. How does feel to be living our dream?

As per El Universal, Cuarón attended Swift’s last Foro Sol concert on August 27 (she gave a record-breaking four concerts starting August 24). As you can expect, fans quickly recognized the “Gravity” director — and could hardly believe their eyes.

The director’s arrival at the Foro Sol stadium caused major commotion

Fans who attended Taylor Swift’s Sunday concert expected to be amazed by her spectacular stage design, outfits, that cute “22” hat tradition, and of course, very singable hits like “Blank Space” and “Anti-Hero.”

One thing exactly zero people expected, though? To see Alfonso Cuarón and his kids walking through the crowd to get to their seats.

As posted in a viral video on X, the Mexican director was greeted by tons of fans excited to see him. A huge crowd approached Cuarón for selfies, and he seemed happy to say hi:

These blessed screenshots show exactly how pumped the filmmaker was to sing along to “Cruel Summer.” Oscar-winning filmmakers, they’re just like us!

Yet another video shows just how many people followed Cuarón at the Foro Sol once they realized who he was. Still, he seemed cool, calm, and collected in the crowd, and kept taking lots of selfies. Security guards were helping him stay safe, too:

Apart from probably singing along to hits like “Forever & Always,” Cuarón exchanged friendship bracelets

By now, you might have heard about fans exchanging friendship bracelets as an Eras Tour tradition.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this might have all started in honor of Swift’s song “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” which includes the lyrics: “Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.” It became a social trend, and now, trading friendship bracelets at the singer’s concert is synonymous with being a Swiftie.

So… seeing that Cuarón traded friendship bracelets at the Foro Sol show, it’s safe to say that he’s a Swiftie, too:

TikTok user @erickpowerss posted an immediately iconic video that shows them “trading friendship bracelets with Alfonso Cuarón.” You can see how the trade took place from Cuarón’s seat, and how the director had about one trillion bracelets on each wrist. We’re obsessed!

As one X user put it, “Imagine being at a Taylor Swift concert and seeing Alfonso Cuarón next to you, so surreal.” Check out those friendship bracelets, too:

The filmmaker’s kids posted on Instagram about meeting Swift backstage

Well, it turns out Cuarón’s kids are just like us, too, because they were very excited to meet Swift backstage after the concert.

The director’s son, Olmo Cuarón, posted an IG photo of himself, his sister Tess, his father, and one more attendee alongside Swift. The 18-year-old captioned the post, “Baptised”:

Meanwhile, his 19-year-old sister followed suit, posting two photos with the “22” singer. She captioned her own IG post with, “Thank you Taylor Swift, you’re so awesome.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that one of Cuarón’s kids meet Taylor Swift. In fact, one of his daughter’s Instagram posts from the 2019 Oscars shows she met Swift at the high-profile event. The two even took a selfie (swipe to slide four):

Still, fans continue to react to Cuarón attending Swift’s Foro Sol concert. For one, an X user who also assisted the concert said their night was “beautiful and magical,” posting a photo with Cuarón:

Another reacted to the Cuarón family meeting Swift backstage, writing that “they want to be a nepo baby more than ever.” And… same.

Yet another concert-goer said that “the most random moment in their life was running into Alfonso Cuarón at the Taylor Swift concert”:

And as for Swift? Well, there’s no doubt she had an absolute blast playing in Mexico City. The “You Belong With Me” singer wrote on Instagram, “Just got to play four of the most unforgettable shows for the most beautiful and generous fans.”

“Feeling so grateful for the memories we’re making together on this tour TE AMO. 🇲🇽”