Kat Von D Just Proved Her Love For Selena To The World And It’s Music To Our Ears


Posted by Kat Von D on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Credit: Kat Von D / Facebook

Anything for Selenas!

As if we needed another reason to love Kat Von D, the LA-based tattoo artist went and did this.

In a recent Facebook post, the Mexican-born Argentinian shows her beautiful Spanish and her pipes with “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” Covering a Selena song is always nerve-wracking because you want to do the queen justice…and daaaaamn, Kat Von D nail-ed IT!

She has a couple videos on Instagram where she is showing off that hidden singing talent of hers, so we shouldn’t be too surprised. There’s really only one question left to ask, “Why hasn’t Kat Von D pursued a singing career?” The world may never know, but for now she got us like…

Credit: dorawinifread / Tumblr / Bidi Bidi Bom Bom / Capitol Records


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The Internet's Official Boyfriend Loves Hot Cheetos Just As Much As You Do


The Internet’s Official Boyfriend Loves Hot Cheetos Just As Much As You Do

Twitter / OscarIsaacPosts

Here is Oscar Isaac, né Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada. He is handsome. And he is eating Hot Cheetos. This, obviously, inspires a lot of emotions and a whole lot of thoughts:

Credit: Twitter / OscarIsaacPosts

1. He has very good taste in snacks.

2. Eating Hot Cheetos with chopsticks is very smart.

3. I guess Oscar Isaac is probably a genius.

4. Our kids would be hot…and also geniuses.

5. We will name all our children “Baybbi Cheeto Isaac.”

6. He’s one of very few guys who looks good clean-shaven, bearded and mustached.

7. I literally just learned that “mustached” is a real word.

8. I guess I’m a genius, too.

9. Who took this photo? 

10. A ghost? Probably a ghost.

11. He must have a cold in this photo because I spy Tylenol Cold.

12. Tylenol Cold + Hot Cheetos will get you over a cold fast, tbh.

13. Again: GENIUS.

14. But I don’t see any tissues around.

15. Oh god, I hope he doesn’t use his sleeves to blow his nose.

16. That’d be gross.

17. Also, he has Alka-Seltzer there.

18. Maybe he can’t eat too many Hot Cheetos.

19 .I want Hot Cheetos.

20. I want us to eat Hot Cheetos, together. But he can’t. Not too many. Not as many as I want.

21. That’s sad. I’m sad now.

22. Took another look at the photo. Ok, now I’m happy again.

23. Thank you, Oscar Isaac.

Credit: FritoLay / Tumblr

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