It’s not everyday we can say we feel overjoyed by celebrity news — the kind of announcements that make us feel completely invested in a famous person’s life as if they were family.

Queen Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s pregnancy announcement has us shaking.

The couple broke the internet today by announcing their pregnancy through an epic street style photoshoot through Harlem, where ASAP Rocky grew up. And us? We’re over here shedding tears of joy and already imagining all the epic “Fashion Killa” outfits they’ll dress their little one in. 

It’s clear we’re not the only ones who had a completely visceral reaction to the announcement — Twitter and Instagram alike are blowing up with the news, with photos from the shoot peppering our feeds non-stop.

The photos show the two walking through Harlem, with Rihanna wearing body chains, jeans, and a gorgeous hot pink vintage Chanel coat with her baby belly exposed. We’ve loved this couple from the very start, with a romance that budded from friendship back in late 2020.

Since then, ASAP Rocky has been very vocal about his devotion to the singer, telling GQ, “[it’s] so much better when you got ‘the One.’ She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones. I think when you know, you know. She’s the One.” While you can find us here still tearing up at the announcement and feeling overjoyed Rihanna found her happily ever after, we’re also rolling on the floor laughing at Twitter’s epic reactions. Here are our favorites.

1. We’re just wondering if Rihanna plans on using the chancleta with her kids, too.

2. Un perro caliente for $50? An arepa for $75?

3. Of course, there was no way Twitter wasn’t going to bring eternal Rihanna-loving Drake into this.

4. We would be VERY excited if we were the baby too — maybe we can get on an adoption waiting list?

5. People are still wondering if we’ll ever get that much-anticipated album.

6. Honestly? A birth-plus-album-release would be the most epic double-feature of all time and we’re here for it.

7. Rihanna is our queen, and our President. We said what we said.

8. LOL.

9. Some of us are also feeling like Drake at the moment — still happy for her, though!

10. I guess we all saw the ASAP baby announcement coming… especially after him calling her “love of my life” back in May.

11. A meme we didn’t expect? Somehow bringing Elmo’s archnemesis Rocko into the mix. But it’s 2022 so anything goes.

12. We love that Barbados-born Rihanna found such deep love with ASAP Rocky, whose father was also from Barbados. We’re sure they’ll incorporate the culture in their baby’s life, and we love to see it.

13. Yes, a lot of us are feeling it, but the announcement really just gives us so much inspiration for the future. Rihanna never settled, and neither are we!

14. Yes, that’s the tweet.

15. Manifestation is an art, and just further proves how the Fenty Beauty CEO, singer extraordinaire, and all-around-fierce mujer has built her life exactly how she’s wanted from the ground up.