“That 70s Show” actor Wilmer Valderrama, and fiancée, model Amanda Pacheco, sat down with Parents to talk about their whirlwind romance and their 1-year-old daughter Nakano Oceana — but Valderrama shared insight into his immigration story, too.

Showcasing the happiness he feels giving his all to fatherhood, being a good partner to Pacheco, and taking on acting roles that bring much-needed representation to Hollywood, the Venezuelan-Colombian star showed he is a class act.

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Valderrama stars in Disney’s award-winning film “Encanto,” voicing the protective yet seriously-clumsy father Agustín Madrigal. The actor explained he had a fantastic experience working on the movie, especially with regard to authentic Latinx representation in a film that is actually relatable and realistic.

On an emotional note, Valderrama said, “now our daughter lives in a world where we’ve fought, in the entertainment industry, to change how Latino stories and characters are made,” showing just how important his Latin American roots are to him. Another plus? The “NCIS” star said it brought him “so much joy” for his mother “to see her native Colombia portrayed for its beauty” in the gorgeous animated movie. We’re sure daughter Nakano loved it, too!

As they tell People, both Valderrama and Pacheco are raising their daughter to respect and honor her Latina roots, whether that’s Valderrama’s Venezuelan and Colombian blood, or Pacheco’s Mexican roots through her father’s side. In fact, Valderrama and Pacheco’s fathers have become “best buds,” and are teaching Nakano Spanish and about the culture. As explained by Valderrama, their daughter “will grow up proud of her roots: our music, our food, and respect for where we came from.” We love to see it!

The actor is currently very busy with his beautiful family of three, describing his romance with Pacheco as throwing themselves “into the deep end” after a meetup at a coffee shop that turned into a four-hour conversation. As Pacheco says “it’s the craziest fairy tale you could imagine.” And their first official date? It is extremely relatable for Latinos everywhere: the two went on a movie date to see “Dumbo” with Valderrama’s mom and hermanas in tow. 

That being said, when the “From Dusk till Dawn: The Series” actor isn’t with his family, he’s giving back to the country that gave him so many opportunities in the first place. As Valderrama explains, he is devoted to being a USO Global Ambassador, which entails greeting American troops in countless cities around the world. The actor says it is “one of the greatest joys” of his life, and his reasoning is deeply heartfelt: in his eyes, it is the best way to thank the U.S. for the opportunities it gave him and his family after emigrating from Venezuela in the early 90s. “I am so grateful that the United States makes the American dream possible for immigrants.” He continued, “the least I can do now is be of service to those who serve our country.”