Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon have been friends for years, with the Boricua triple threat regularly appearing on Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.”

Case in point? J.Lo’s appearance on the show for a special rendition of the “History of Music Video Dancing,” where Fallon and Lopez teamed up to dance to songs like “Oops! I Did It Again,” “Macarena,” “Wrecking Ball,” and yes, “Waiting For Tonight.” Meanwhile, Lopez’s recent appearance on the show was all about the two facing off in hilarious wedding-themed challenges like looking for a ring in a cake — all in the name of promoting her new movie “Marry Me.”

Looking at videos from Lopez’s appearances on “The Tonight Show,” it’s very clear that the two are friends.

For one, just before starting to dig into the aforementioned wedding cakes in search of a tiny wedding ring, Fallon told the “On The Floor” singer: “don’t throw it at me, by the way. I already know you,” while also talking about how competitive she is.

Yes, J.Lo and Fallon are the duo we didn’t know we needed, but we definitely deserve.

Fast forward to today, when Lopez and Fallon have another announcement few saw coming: they’re officially releasing a children’s book together on October 11 titled “Con Pollo: A Bilingual Playtime Adventure.”

The bilingual book will be an educational read that teaches children words in Spanish, and it’s set to be funny, too. Illustrated by Andrea Campos, the book follows the journey of a “plucky chicken named Pollo.”

Lopez and Fallon loved writing the book together, with the singer-actress saying, “I’m so excited to launch my first children’s book and it’s even more special to collaborate with Jimmy!”

Meanwhile, Fallon is just as pumped about the release, explaining that their bond was cemented through the fact both of them are parents. He said, “one of the many things I love about her is how great of a mom she is,” continuing, “since we’re both parents, we thought a children’s book would be the perfect fit.”

As longtime pals, Fallon said they both “have always wanted to do something together,” so teaming up for “Con Pollo” surely just felt right. A few other pluses for Jimmy? “It’s fun and educational and my Spanish teachers from high school would be so impressed to know that I’m teaching kids to speak Spanish with Jennifer Lopez.” 

Jean Feiwel, Senior Vice President and Publishing Director at the book’s publisher Feiwel and Friends, described: “this book is about friendship and sweetness and all about learning a little Spanish.”

Meanwhile, combining the talents of Fallon, Lopez, and illustrator Campos equals pure “magic.” 

While Lopez already has one memoir titled “True Love” that was published in 2014, Fallon has a wide array of children’s books under his name. The TV host has written several adorable kid’s books including “Everything Is Mama” and “This Is Baby.” Still, this will be the first bilingual children’s book for either star, joining the ranks of other iconic educational reads like “The Wheels on the Bus/Las ruedas del autobús” by Elodie Pope, “Abuela” by Arthur Dorros, and “Isabel and her Colores Go to School” by Alexandra Alessandri.