Eva Longoria is known for being one of the most beautiful Latinas in Hollywood. After all, she started her career winning beauty pageants. However, even an icon like her can struggle with insecurity.

During an interview on the podcast “Not Skinny, But Not Fat,” the Mexican-American star shared that her family considered her the “ugly” one. She explained feeling different from her mother, Ella, and sisters — Elizabeth, Emily, and Esmeralda — for having dark skin and brown eyes.

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“I was the only one that came out with black hair, dark skin, dark eyes. My sisters have these beautiful hazel eyes. My mom is güera,” she said. “I grew up as ‘la prieta fea,’ which means the ugly dark one,” she added, explaining that her family used those words as a term of endearment.

Longoria says she turned to comedy to stray away from beauty standards from an early age

The 48-year-old actress and producer recalled when she was young, her mother’s nickname for her was “La prieta fea” because of her darker complexion. People also praised her mother and sisters for being beautiful, leaving her out often.

“I wasn’t the pretty one. I grew up as not the pretty one, so there was a conscious decision when I was young to be the funny one, and I really think that has lent itself to my personality,” Longoria said on the podcast. “Not just like, oh, I’m going to be an actress, but like, I just don’t value beauty in myself very much.”

Despite not feeling beautiful in college, the “Desperate Housewives” star joined a beauty pageant to earn prizes to help pay for her college tuition. The actress and producer added her sisters still question how she now partners with brands like L’Oreal.

Ironically, Longoria began her career participating in beauty contests in college

During her final year at college, Longoria needed funds to pay for her studies and as a true Latina, she found a way to make ends meet.

With determination in her heart and a bit of curiosity, she took a chance and entered a beauty pageant. To her utter surprise, she emerged as the winner not once but twice.

However, when she excitedly shared this new project with her family, her mother believed it wasn’t a good idea and feared she might end up disappointed. Despite her doubts, Eva’s spirit was unwavering, hoping to secure at least the fourth spot in the contest to continue her studies.

Another aspect Longoria highlighted was the lack of representation during her childhood. Growing up, she mainly watched telenovelas at home, where celebrities rarely resembled her features. Instead, her role models were in her family.

Fans are shocked by Longoria’s revelations and have a few things to say about Latin standards of beauty

Of course, fans were shocked after hearing the actress’ revelations and came through for her. One fan on TikTok pointed out how harsh Latin families can be.

“Latina moms are the most traumatic. My mom said she was sad I came out looking dark and not blonde. Both my parents have dark hair and eyes,” they wrote.

Another fan added, “If they called her ugly, then they must’ve been hating. This woman is hands down one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood.”

Meanwhile, others Googled the family to fact-check if it was true. 

However, some are still shook at this revelation.