Cardi B cemented herself as someone who will always speak her mind. Her authenticity and sense of self always shine in interviews or her music.

This is why Megan Thee Stallion gave the “Bodak Yellow” rapper her flowers during a livestream for their song “Bongos.” Megan noted that the music industry is a difficult place to be, and despite it all, Cardi “never jumped ship” when it came to her.

“This girl is probably the only girl who has been this consistent, and this real, and this just great of a person to me. So, I just wanna say, Cardi, I really love you so much, and I really appreciate it,” she shared.

True to her nature of supporting women, the “La Modelo” performer took it upon herself to also share her praise for Dominican-born rapper Yailín La Más Viral in a recent interview with Mega 97.9’s El Vacilón de la Mañana show.

Cardi B admitted she likes Yailín’s music

During the interview, the radio hosts talked to Cardi about what she thinks about the “Pa Ti” performer — asking the mother of two if she supports “those type of girls,” the ones “that probably have little talent” when compared to Cardi herself.

Not looking to put down anyone for their talent, Cardi pivots and says she likes Yailín’s music “a lot.”

“I — I like her music a lot…really like her music a lot. I — I mean, I don’t think she’s trying to be like me. We are different musically. I like her music. I love it,” the rapper asserts.

The radio hosts asked the former “Love & Hip Hop” star if she liked Yailín’s style when it came to music.

“I love the style. I like, I like the fact that — how do you say it […] like in Spanish — like, I like that […] Dominicans are like… That they are developing. That there is a Dominicana that is always going viral because it wasn’t always like that,” she explains.

Yailín indirectly shared some love for Cardi B on social media

Yailín took to Instagram to share a reel of her dancing to Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion’s new song “Bongos.” She captioned it, “THIS P*SSY IS DOMINICANA🇩🇴🍑,” a verse from the song.

Fans of both performers shared their support for how Cardi answered the question.

A Yailín fan account responded, “I loved her😍😍. The one who asked the question wanted to minimize Yailin and throw shade, and they let him hang dry for being a clown. Arriba DR!”

Another said, “Yes Queens! Reina Cardi & Yailin supporting the new talents YAILIN we love you keep going forward what with discipline and determination, you will achieve your dream we support you.”

Cardi B even shows a little Bichota love for Karol G

The “I Like It” rapper showed her fellow Latina Karol G some love when a fan of El Vacilón de la Mañana called the show and confused her for the Colombian singer.

“Hello Karol G,” the fan says, something that prompted the show hosts to cause an uproar about the confusion.

Laughing it off, Cardi sang a small verse from Karol’s popular song with Shakira “TQG.”