On Saturday, a concertgoer threw their drink at Cardi B, 30, during her performance at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas. The singer retaliated by throwing her microphone at them like… well, a chancleta. Now, fans are divided by the incident. Did Cardi B go too far? Or did the drink-thrower get what they deserved?

Unfortunately, this is just the cherry on top of several similar incidents involving singers at their concerts. Bebe Rexha was injured onstage in New York after a concertgoer allegedly threw his phone at her, later telling police he thought “it would be funny.”

As per Newsweek, Harry Styles was hit by candy at a 2022 concert in Sweden, country star Kelsea Ballerini was hit with a bracelet during an Idaho performance, and singer Ava Max was slapped by a male perpetrator onstage.

Meanwhile, back in August 2022, a concertgoer threw their phone at Bad Bunny‘s leg during his Atlanta concert (and he threw it back).

In fact, this “trend” is getting so out of hand, Adele told fans at a recent performance: ““I f**king dare you, I dare you to throw something at me. I’ll f**king kill you.”

Was Cardi B just standing her ground? Or as one Twitter user put it, is the “WAP” star about to get “sued sued”?

An audience member threw their drink at Cardi B and she didn’t take it lightly

As reported by CNN, a concertgoer hit Cardi B with their drink while the singer performed her hit “Bodak Yellow” in Las Vegas. As you can expect, videos of the incident quickly made the rounds on social media.

A viral clip shows the star finish singing, “I make money move” before the fan threw their drink at her. While they did not throw the actual cup, the singer was hit by the liquid inside of it.

Without missing a step, the Washington Heights-born rapper angrily threw her microphone into the audience. After aiming for the person who hit her, she looked distressed while security guards dealt with the situation.

A separate concertgoer posted another angle of the incident on TikTok. In the video, you can see a woman holding the cup in question, yelling back at Cardi B: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

The TikTok user captioned the video with, “I’m just glad Cardi got good aim,” seemingly thankful the singer didn’t accidentally hit her instead.


im just glad cardi got good aim😂😂😂 #fyp #cardib #drais

♬ original sound – Mayah🫶🏽

Several people commented on the video, with one user noting, “She not sorry, she SCARED 😂.” Another added, “Like what possessed you to throw the water 😭 now you sorry.” Several other comments echoed, “How she sorry after she threw it [though] 💀😂.”

However, others defended the woman’s apology: “She looked genuinely sorry and confused like she wasn’t even [trying to] throw her drink on her.”

Others? Well, they realized Cardi B’s microphone might have hit the wrong person… or possibly bounced off the perpetrator and hit someone else. As one Twitter user asked, “She hit the wrong person, though?”

Cardi B might have hit the wrong person with her microphone

Over on Twitter, several people noted how it looks like Cardi B may have hit the wrong person with her microphone.

While one Twitter user assured, “[Cardi B] definitely hit the right person,” another fired back, “She definitely hit the girl next to her.” Yet another theorized, “It’s obvious it bounced off [the drink-thrower] and hit other [people] around her.”

Well, now a woman on TikTok alleges Cardi B hit her with the microphone… even if she wasn’t the one who threw the drink.

TikTok user @paxybabyy posted her own video of the incident, writing, “When I’m the one who gets smoked by the microphone but didn’t throw the drink.” You can see her perspective here:

She captioned the video with, “I’m bruised and sore.”

Over on her video, countless commenters are telling the woman to sue. One wrote, “Girl you better go get some money, cause it wasn’t even you. don’t block your blessings 😭.” Another agreed, “[You] got the evidence! Get that bag.” Yet another joked (sort of), “Girl Cardi just bought you a new house 😫!”

One more person said they “knew” Cardi B had actually hit her. “Omg I KNEW it didn’t actually hit her and hit you instead 😭. I’m so sorry!!”

However, not everyone is so convinced about a potential lawsuit — even if the woman was hit by the microphone. They explained, “Everyone talking about sue lol she clearly didn’t intend to hit you. Looks like it hit the girl who threw the drink but it bounced off her [and] hit you.”

Still, as many other people continue to write: “Girl if you don’t call your lawyer 😂😂😂.”

Not much is known yet about who was actually hit by the microphone, or who even threw the drink. However, as per some reports, Cardi B kept the concert going after the incident:

Interestingly, the rapper reportedly also threw her microphone onstage the night before

To add, ahem, insult to injury — Cardi B reportedly also threw her microphone during her performance the night before. As per PEOPLE, the “WAP” rapper allegedly threw her mic while performing at Drai’s Nightclub on Friday night.

However, it’s important to note that the star did not throw her microphone at the audience on Friday. Instead, she seemed to throw it at the DJ accompanying her during the performance. Watch the moment here:

As TikTok user @kfen777 posted about Friday’s incident, “Cardi was pissed.” While the rapper has not yet commented on either of this past weekend’s clashes, you can see her grow angry while rapping at the nightclub.

One TikTok commenter wrote, “DJ keeps cutting her tracks multiple times,” theorizing it as the reason she threw the mic. Another agreed, “The DJs be thinking it’s [their] performance 😂 This his second time doing that to her.”

However, of course, many wrote that no one should resort to violence. “She didn’t have to throw the mic [though] she need anger management.”

Another joked, “I know not to sit in the front rows if I ever attend to one of her shows lol.”

At least regarding Saturday’s incident with the drink-throwing fan, many people continue to feel divided.

One person said they felt “so proud” of Cardi B for standing up for themselves. “People are getting too comfortable with throwing stuff at artists on stage.” Another agreed, calling it a “prime example for not throwing things at celebrities 🗣️.”

Others on Instagram said the rapper was “acting in self-defense.” Over on Twitter, one person put it like this: “Actions. Meet consequences.”

However, others say Cardi B actually “asked her fans to splash water on her” at the concert, saying it is “so weird” to “lie about the incident” later:

Another questioned, “Why she get mad on this video she’s asking to get watered down?”

With this many plot twists, it’s no wonder fans keep debating the incident. However, one thing is for sure: Cardi B threw the mic with chancla-style, “abuela accuracy.”