Becky G isn’t just known for her powerful voice featured in iconic, catchy tracks like “Sin Pijama” and “Mayores.” Her style turns heads too, as shown in her many red carpet appearances and her daily looks. The Mexican American star recently took Vogue on a ride through her day-to-day, and revealed her fashion sense is actually inspired by her “style icon” mother.

The Inglewood-born celebrity spent a day with Vogue as she brought along the outlet to a very impressive boxing class which makes her feel like “a bada–” (we see why!), and even a shopping trip. Visiting the New York City shoe boutique Extra Butter, Becky G picked up some of the cutest green and white Nike sneakers we’ve ever seen, so epic she had to take her shades off.

Calling the purchase a “spoil yourself, treat yourself, you are worth it kind of moment,” the “Power Rangers” star said her style is greatly inspired by her culture as a Latina. More specifically? She owes it all to her mother, Alejandra Gomez.

Becky G explained that her style icon is “definitely” her mom. She continued, “My mom in high school is a whole mood. From her natural, curly hair that she would rock, to her oversized jeans.”

Today, the star loves copping her mom’s signature look and wearing “oversized bottoms with a tighter top,” describing how she balances her outfits to not “drown” in fabric. Her reasoning? She is a “little chaparrita,” so it’s all about proportions.

The “Shower” singer also told Interview Magazine that her mom was her “first fashion icon,” despite admitting her mother also made “questionable fashion choices” at times. She revealed that she brought in her mother’s high school fashion sense into the concept behind her latest album “Esquemas,” and is even embracing her natural hair, too. The star explained her texture looks “a lot” like her mother’s hair as a teenager. We love to see it!

Becky G’s “24 Hours” video with Vogue has a few more gems: we learn the star adores salsa dancing even though she tells her team she doesn’t know how to “properly salsa dance.” TikTok dances also throw her “for a loop and a half” and we can definitely relate!

The singer, actress and dancer also got personal with the outlet, talking about going through moments of anxiety in her life. She also described how “this is the closest” she has ever felt to who she really is, and explains “being able to identify what doesn’t align with that anymore and letting it go.”

Seeing herself as a “butterfly that’s being birthed in the cocoon” and finally flying, the star also said it’s all about “us unlearning who we’re not to become who we’ve always truly been deep down inside.” 

While fiercely independent and fully coming into her own as an artist, Becky G is still famously close to her family. In another video posted on the star’s YouTube channel, fans can see how the “MAMIII” chanteuse calls up her mom to ask her a few questions, sharing that her mother loves it when she raps and is as proud as can be about her daughter’s music.  

We’re sure her mom is just as obsessed as us with Becky G’s latest single “La Loto,” alongside superstars TINI and Anitta, becoming the girl power track of the summer we didn’t know we needed.