Ángela Aguilar, 18, has become “La Princesa del Regional Mexicano” for a reason, impressing audiences with her epic vocal range evident in traditional tracks like “La Llorona” and “La Malagueña.”

That said, her influences go beyond her love of regional Mexican music — in fact, she mainly draws inspiration from her own family.

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It’s no secret that Ángela is part of the youngest generation of la “Dinastía Aguilar,” which traces its lineage back into the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. While the star is proudly Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter, surely inheriting his famous vocals heard in hits like “Prometiste,” the dynasty goes far beyond that.

As many know, Pepe is the son of Mexican music and cinema icons Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. After his father passed away in 2007 and his mother in 2020, they both left an inimitable legacy that both Pepe and Ángela honor daily.

As described by Los Angeles Times, Flor and her husband Antonio met in 1950 in a radio station. At the time, both were budding stars, with Flor performing in concert halls and Antonio becoming well known for his booming corridos. They were married when they met and quickly fell in love, destined to form a true dynasty together.

Hand in hand, they were “Un Dueto Inolvidable,” recording songs like “La Media Vuelta” and “Cruz De Olvido,” as well as starring together in movies like the Oscar-nominated film, “The Important Man.” In short, they were the OG Golden Age power couple.

Even more, Flor and Antonio had an iconic traveling variety show, performing at countless arenas in Mexico and the U.S. Their children joined in back then, and today, Pepe’s tour Jaripeo Sin Fronteras looks to bring the same elements to a modern audience — as seen by the many times he’s brought along his own kids, including Ángela.

Today, there’s no doubt 18-year-old Ángela brings elements of her grandmother Flor to her many performances and her life as a musician. For one, the singer’s official biography explains, “My grandmother once told me that every song is a story and you need to retell it in that way.” 

While Ángela’s musical inspirations are as widespread as Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Queen and Rocío Dúrcal, she is all about uplifting her culture and staying true to her family’s legacy.

She explained to ET, “I was born in Los Angeles. I’ve studied all my life here, but I’m Mexican, and my parents are Mexican, and I identify as Mexican American. I’m saying that before everything.”

Ángela continued, “I’m appreciating my roots and where I came from, which is Mexico… That CD that I came out with, it was like a tribute to the women that have opened the doors for me to be able to sing this genre, because there aren’t that many women that sing regional Mexican music.”

There’s no doubt her grandmother Flor is first on that list!

While Flor passed away in 2020, an unearthed video shows how Ángela serenaded her grandmother before her death. By the end of the intimate performance, Flor looks overjoyed, and even offers a few words. Flor tells her granddaughter, “May God protect you,” and advises her to sing from a place of “love.” 

Another video shows how generations of women of la “Dinastía Aguilar” pay tribute to Flor by singing her iconic track “Mi Destino Fue Quererte,” including daughter Dalia Inés, and granddaughters Ángela and Majo Aguilar.