The “Barbie” movie continues to generate buzz, and now, America Ferrera’s outfit choices have captured attention. Of course, the actress’ recent wardrobe choices charmed fans, sparking engaging conversations and inspiring theories about her color choices.

While the black-and-white combo is timeless, social media users are concluding possible hidden messages behind her fashion choices.

A viral TikTok video by Cat Quinn revealed that the colors the “Ugly Betty” star has been wearing in her recent appearances are Easter eggs referencing the legendary 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz.”

A bit of background and why fans are eagerly searching for connections


Replying to @Ari what is america ferrera’s role in barbie the movie? She plays gloria and i think her black and white press tour looks are intentionally set against margot robbie’s technicolor pink as a big wizard of oz easter egg and clue to the script! #barbiethemovie #barbie #gloria #americaferrera #margotrobbie #barbiepresstour

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At the beginning of April, Cat Quinn shared an analysis of the film’s trailer. She explains that the protagonist, Margot Robbie, not only wears clothes similar to Dorothy’s character in “The Wizard of Oz,” but other details connect both stories.

“In the trailer, Barbie is seen wearing a pink gingham dress not unlike Dorothy’s iconic gingham dress in  ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Then when she is driving, she passes by three movie theater posters all portraying Wizard of Oz’s characters,” Quinn described. 

Quinn and many other fans have pointed out that the highway where she drives her car resembles a pink version of the iconic yellow brick road from Oz.


The Barbie movie trailer reveals a huge Wizard of Oz easter egg that could explain the plot of margot robbie, greta gerwig, and ryan goslings movie. Between the dorothy gingham dress and the movie posters plus the pink brick road and slippers, its looking clear that this will be an epic journey. #barbie #barbiemovie #barbiedoll #margotrobbie #barbiemovieedit #barbietrailer #margotrobbiebarbie #ryangoslingken #gretagerwig #wizardofoz #wizardofozmusical #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

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Fans are weighing in on their theories about America Ferrera’s color palette choices

As a result of the attention that the protagonists Ryan Gosling and Robbie are generating, there are hundreds of videos about the film’s plot. Now fans have expressed their opinions regarding Ferrera’s fashion choices.

Some believe Ferrera may in fact be the villain.

“Yes, I thought she would represent a villain due to color choice,” wrote a TikTok user on Quinn’s video.

Others are focusing on the message behind the colors.

“A play world is full of colors and fun, and the real world is a bland stressful kind of joyless and straight business. Showing the contrast between the two worlds,” commented a fan.

Similarly, the alternating roles brought attention as Ferrera wore a pink two-piece dress while Robbie opted for a black gown during the world premiere last weekend.

“I can’t stop thinking about this video, and then Margot was wearing black at the premiere,” a user pointed out.

Let’s recap Ferrera’s impeccable style that sparked engaging theories on social media

In December 2021, the Honduran-American star shared on her Instagram that she was participating in the “Barbie” film. From that moment on, she started using more black and white outfits. A choice from her stylist or fan surprise? We’re not sure yet.

Her first publication with these colors was in March of this year. In the photo, Ferrera is reading a book.

In June, the Emmy Award winner dressed in an elegant suit to announce that Mattel created a Barbie doll inspired by her character, Gloria.

In other encounters with the press during the promotional tour worldwide, she wore all black.

With just 10 days left until the movie’s release, the countdown is on. We can’t wait for these myths to be dispelled.