By now, you may have heard of the harassment lawsuit three former dancers filed against Lizzo, 35. Well, now another woman is speaking out about her own story with the “Truth Hurts” singer. Yes, it’s storytime.

TikTok user and singer Elle Baez posted a video titled “My Lizzo Story Part 1,” which has amassed nearly eight million views.

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It’s no wonder the video has gone so viral. For one, it sheds light on the complicated, sometimes unfair, music industry for people on the come-up. Even more, it shows that Lizzo and her team may have gotten a bit too inspired by Baez’s music videos. As the TikTok user put it, there are “a lot of weird coincidences.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Baez’s claims about her interaction with Lizzo’s team. And, the million-dollar question: Was there foul play here or not?

Amid the lawsuit against Lizzo, this woman described her own story with the singer

TikTok user @elle_baez posted a video this week talking about her own experience with Lizzo.

“This is a story I never intended to tell because I’m the biggest Lizzo fan,” she explained. “She made me feel like there was representation in the industry that I was yearning for, for so long.”

Baez explained she has “held in” her interaction with the singer for “two years.” However, she now wanted to “get it off her chest.” So what happened?

Well, it all started off when Baez auditioned for the first season of “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” series for Prime Video.

“I was in the finals, I got all the way through the stages, it was a lot” she recalled. “You had to do your dance audition videos, you had to send them your whole life story, you met with Lizzo’s team.”

Apart from that, she also sent the team two of her music videos as part of her audition process. More on that in a bit.

In the end, Baez happily received an agreement to sign from Lizzo’s team. Of course, the general consensus was: yay.

However, once she showed the lawyers in her family the agreement, she remembers: “They highly advised that I do not sign that agreement.”

“It basically wanted to own you, it wanted to have your life story for eternity,” she alleged. “It wanted to own the rights of anything you put out… I’m an independent music artist, so I was highly advised not to sign it.”

Once Baez sent some redlines or possible changes to the agreement, Lizzo’s team declined changing it. They said they couldn’t give her “special treatment” since other cast members agreed to sign it.

The team “wouldn’t move forward” with Baez, which sent her “on the floor, sobbing.” However, she would have never expected what would happen by April 2022.

The woman showed the strange similarities between her music video and Lizzo’s video

Later, the woman explained how she sent two of her music videos to Lizzo as part of her audition process. “They’re both original works of mine.”

Baez then showed clips of her July 2021 music video for her song “Better With You.” The clip shows the singer in a school classroom which then turns into a 70s disco-style dance party.

“I turned this classroom into a disco; we’re in the 1970s here, yes. We got the disco ball; I got my dancers behind me.” Watch it here:

However, by the time Lizzo dropped the video for “About Damn Time” in April 2022, Baez was a bit taken aback. Interestingly, it also features Lizzo in a school classroom. She later walks through the school’s hallway, which becomes a 70s disco party filled with sequins, a light-up dance floor and yes… a disco ball.

“Then Lizzo dropps ‘About Damn Time,’ we are in a classroom,” Baez described. “That she turns into a disco.”

“Of course when I saw this, I was just a little bit confused. I thought maybe it’s just a coincidence, but then something else happened.”

Baez also pointed to similarities between her other music video and Lizzo’s live performances

In a follow-up video, Baez also shows similarities between the music video for her August 2020 song “Paint Me” and Lizzo’s later live performances of her own track “Naked.”

The independent artist explained she sent her video for “Paint Me” to Lizzo’s team during her audition “for review.”

She then described her”Paint Me” music video. “This is my body positive song ‘Paint Me’ from 2020. It’s inspired by ‘Titanic’ and it’s about your body being a beautiful work of art, especially when it’s naked.”

As you can see in the music video, Baez included imagery of art projections on her body. “I projected all these paintings onto my body,” she described. “This video is probably one of my favorite pieces of art I have ever, ever made.”

Later in July 2022, “Lizzo was dropping her new album [‘Special’], and on her album, there was a song called ‘Naked,'” she described.

“When she performs it live on tour, she wears a nude bodysuit and projects paintings onto her body,” Baez explained. “Our songs also have very similar concepts and meanings.”

“The reason I found out that she was doing this on tour was because my friend sent it to me and was like, ‘Yo, is this like, ‘Paint Me’?’ And I was like, ‘That is so weird.'”

“So, a lot of weird coincidences.”

Here’s a clip of Lizzo’s live performance of “Naked” to get a picture of Baez’s explanation:

By the end, Baez doesn’t really come to a conclusion, and leaves it open to others’ interpretations.

“Those are my two pieces of art that I put out in 2020 and 2021 that I sent to Lizzo’s team to consider me for her show,” she explained. “And that is what she put out in 2022. So, those are my facts and that is my story.”

That being said, others have many opinions on the matter. One TikTok user commented on the woman’s video, “The way my jaw dropped…I’m so sorry!” Another said, “Oooooh girl. GET THAT BAG. Grab those family lawyers and fight! I’m so sorry she did that to you, it’s so not right….”

Yet another commented, “Everyone needs to see this.” Another chimed in, “It seems almost identical in nature to the point where something isn’t right…Thank you for speaking out!”

Over on Twitter, one user commented on Baez’s situation, writing: “It’s disheartening to see big artists steal ideas from small ones.”

However, not everyone is so convinced. One TikTok user wrote on Baez’s video: “I get the first one but also the second video concept is soooo incredibly common I have worked with multiple artist using a similar concept.” Several others wondered if Lizzo’s team presented her with the ideas.

Meanwhile, a lawyer on Twitter also spoke out about the situation. His opinion? “It is weird, and the law is weirder. Copyright laws protect the expression of an idea, so like a recorded song, a book, or a music video. But not the idea itself.”

“So even if Lizzo stole your music video ideas, you can’t sue her for copyright infringement.” Hm.

As Baez said in her video, “You can take whatever I say and make your own decision on it, I’m just going to tell you the facts.”

What do you think?