Have you listened to Peso Pluma and Argentine DJ Bizarrap’s “Music Sessions #55” yet? Well, just so you know— it’s blowing up the internet right now.

The much-anticipated track debuted yesterday after Bizarrap posted an Instagram announcement showing the two stars in rat form. Really.

The animated short film shows “Bizarrat” trapezing around a house, making a guitar out of a walnut, and eventually meeting fellow rat Peso Pluma (with the singer’s signature haircut, of course). By the end, Bizarrat asks Pluma: “What if we make a song?” And the rest is “Pura Doble P” history.

Now that the instantly-iconic song is out, fans are reacting in a big way. Two things most of us can agree on? No one has ever looked happier doing a Bizarrap session than Peso Pluma — and that line “Y ya nos verán pistear” is scarily catchy.

This is how fans are reacting to Peso Pluma and Bizarrap’s much-anticipated collaboration “Music Sessions #55”

To know Peso Pluma and Bizarrap’s song is to love it…or at least have it stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

No shade here, this song gets better with every listen — and is exactly what our corrido tumbado dreams are made of. Still, they clearly signed a deal with the devil because what is this sorcery?

It seems like many fans on Twitter agree that lines like “And now we ride through L.A. and I’m going to Sinaloa, too” and “The champagne tastes great” are very catchy.

So much so, that some admitted they “weren’t feeling the session” at first, but changed their mind after a few listens:

Many agreed, saying while they thought the song was “meh” at first, they soon couldn’t stop singing “Y ya nos verán pistear”:

Is this all of us right now?

Actually yes, it seems like twelfth time‘s the charm… and let’s play it back one more time please:

Yes, as so many people are explaining on Twitter, the song “grew” on them after a while:

Still, that listening experience hasn’t been the same for everyone.

While many fans are saying the new Bizarrap track is “a hit,” others aren’t so convinced

Okay, so it seems like some fans aren’t feeling the song so much — and are feeling a bit like this right now about voicing their controversial opinion:

Still, others aren’t so scared to air out their dislike for the song, giving their “humble opinion” just like a particularly-destructive singing contest judge. Ouch.

Meanwhile, others are joking that the song is boring, posting memes about it putting them to sleep:

To that, Peso Pluma and Bizarrap’s fan base are shooting back. With one user writing, “What did you expect? For it to be trap electro pop and for [Pluma] to change his genre’s tone to please you guys?”

Others simply don’t care what people think, they just love it:

Interestingly, some are critiquing the song by saying that while Peso Pluma “did amazing,” the session “doesn’t sound like a Bizarrap song, but more like a single for [Pluma].”

Many others aren’t even getting into the debate, but are instead focusing on just how happy Peso Pluma looks recording the song. One Twitter user wrote, “One day I want to be as happy as Peso Pluma in the session”:

Another said, “I had to listen to the session five times for me to like it. But leaving that aside, the happiness [Pluma] transmits, I haven’t seen anyone so happy in a Bizarrap session.”

And apart from all the back-and-forth about the song, it also gave rise to memes like these:

And this “Stranger Things”-themed one. LOL.

All in all, the two stars definitely dropped heat.