A woman recently lived many people’s worst nightmare, and now she’s fighting back. Miami-based Layla Medina found a rat head in a Costco spinach and cheese ravioli package she partially ate from. She explains she “immediately threw up” after realizing the “furry ball” in her ravioli was actually “a rodent head.”

The woman’s video shows how she found the rat head in her ravioli dish

The viral video shows Medina showing the Costco receipt from the Miami West Flagler location, pointing to the itemized ravioli. She explains, “I went to my house, I was making my pasta. And when I was eating it… it was disgusting… I found a rat head inside the ravioli.”

While we’re still wincing at the thought, Medina visited Univision and continued to share her side of the story. She told the outlet that it was “a disgusting experience,” and that she cooked the pasta with her mother and brother. Medina described how she ate part of the ravioli package before seeing the rat head, which is undoubtedly a health risk— even more while pregnant.

She said that after eating part of it, she saw “a furry ball” on her plate. While family members said it “had to be spinach,” she put it on a napkin, and saw it was a rat head. Today, she says she “doesn’t even want to remember it.”

Meanwhile, she told Despierta America that it was “horrible,” and she threw up directly after realizing the rodent parts in her pasta. Now, at eight months pregnant, she says “she can’t eat anything” and that all types of food remind her of the experience.

The family’s response to the incident

Her father, who is a doctor, told Despierta America that the family members who ate the pasta did not immediately show clinical symptoms. However, about 72 hours in, they had colics and diarrhea. They went to urgent care, where they were diagnosed with gastroenteritis and were prescribed antibiotics. While they’re okay now, the father says the family has been “hurt” by this.

Hours after seeing the rat head, Medina went back to the Costco store, where she says “they didn’t do anything.”

The woman says she took a letter with her explaining what happened. She explains that she asked them what the protocol was, especially because she is pregnant. Medina says they told her they could not accept any letters, and that she had to fill out an incident form, and bring it back to them along with the ravioli package.

However, at that point, the woman decided to take legal action instead. Medina and her lawyer hope to prove their case by hiring specialists that can analyze the package’s contents, and show the alleged rat remainings.

On the other hand, the Costco team told Univision they “lament the experience” with the raviolis, and that they recommend returning them for a full refund. Okay, then.

Medina’s lawyer said they hope to “prevent” this happening to anyone else, because this is “unacceptable.”

Univision recently reported that Costco still has not made any official statements about the rat head found in the woman’s ravioli package. Four days later, and neither official authorities or Costco have made an announcement to warn other people about the alleged risk. The FDA told the outlet they “cannot make comments during investigations.”