Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny, two huge names in the music industry, were recently spotted at the iconic Electric Lady Studios in New York City. Of course, the internet is buzzing with speculation about a potential collaboration between these stars.

While neither camp has officially confirmed they have a project together, the very possibility has fans in a frenzy.

Taylor Swift, the pop icon with a Midas touch, is no stranger to unexpected collaborations. Her work includes team-ups with artists like Bon Iver in the melancholic “Exile” or Brendon Urie for the upbeat “ME!” These collaborations often have a way of catching fans off guard but always culminate in chart-topping successes.

She has also done songs with urban artists, although they have only been in English. “Bad Blood” with Kendrick Lamar and “Thug Story” with T-Pain are examples.

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Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny are not strangers to collaborations

Bad Bunny is also known for collaborating with a diverse range of artists, from J Balvin to Cardi B, to The Weeknd and Travis Scott (we are still waiting for his alleged song with Drake), showcasing his ability to meld styles seamlessly.

So, when social media detectives uploaded videos and snapshots of Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny at the Electric Lady Studios — Benito in a casual hooded sweater and jean shorts and Swift in a navy blue collared shirt and similar shorts — it was no wonder fans started dreaming of the sonic fusion this pair might produce.

So, is there a collaboration in the making?

Imagine the poetic storytelling prowess of Swift layered over Benito’s infectious beats. It would be a musical cocktail of country, pop, Latino trap, and reggaeton. This speculated collaboration could be a genre-bending song that charts unexplored territories in the music realm and fuses many worlds.

There is also the fact that the relationship between Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny isn’t new. The 65th GRAMMY Awards earlier this year provided a platform for their paths to intersect—and for Swift to show off her merengue moves.

Pictures of them together shook social media and a video of Swift grooving to Bad Bunny’s performance added fuel to the fire of fans’ imaginations. Singing in non-English and all, she was there for it.

On TikTok, fans are theorizing about how this collab could be going down:

However, the artists haven’t confirmed or denied rumors as of yet.

Electric Lady Studios has been a hub for artists such as Rosalía, Kanye West and Bad Bunny himself

Nestled in New York City’s Greenwich Village, Electric Lady Studios is a testament to musical innovation and evolution. The studio is the brainchild of legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Initially, he envisioned it as a nightclub but transformed it into a state-of-the-art recording facility.

The studio opened in August 1970. Tragically, Hendrix spent only a few weeks recording there before his untimely death. However, the resonance of his spirit would set the tone for the studio, cementing its status as a mecca for artists seeking a unique recording experience.

Over the decades, Electric Lady Studios has seen numerous iconic artists craft masterpieces within its walls. Stevie Wonder recorded parts of his magnum opus “Talking Book” here, including hits like “Superstition” and “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” The Rolling Stones, seeking a sanctuary in the tumultuous 1970s, laid down tracks for their album “Some Girls.”

Recently, artists like Daft Punk, Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, and even Rosalía have chosen this hallowed space to channel their creativity, adding to the studio’s rich tapestry of musical milestones. Even el Conejo Malo himself recorded part of “Un Verano Sin Ti” there.

One thing we know is that we’re ready for this collaboration.