New couple alert! Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole may just have confirmed their relationship last night — and we’re here for all the amor.

On November 2, Nicole brought Double P on stage during her concert at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City to perform the “Por Las Noches—Remix.” The best part of the night, though? Well, they sealed the deal with a kiss.

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As seen in several videos by fans of the adorable moment, the pair held hands and gazed into each other’s eyes during the show. Swoon. Then, like a true caballero, Peso Pluma thanked Nicole for inviting him to sing along with her, and teasing the crowd. He leaned in for a kiss.

Blushing as he pulls away, Nicole says, “Thank you for coming, love!” It’s safe to say our faith in romance is restored.

Yes, Peso Pluma is with Nicki Nicole

Leaving the crowd hungry for more PDA, Peso Pluma walked offstage, but not before professing his love for the Argentine songstress. After Nicki Nicole thanked him for their performance together, he swiftly replied, “I love you, my love.”

Chanting “Beso! Beso!” and “Si se pudo,” fans celebrated the couple as Nicole praised the “Ella Baila Sola” singer and his successes in raising Mexico’s name to the top. Comparison to a dog incident fully forgiven.

“One of the great artists of your country,” she said. “A great person, super talented, and what I love most about Mexico is how much you all value your artists here.”

Interestingly enough, the Argentine rapper had denied rumors in the past. What led to the change of mind?

23-Year-Old Nicki Nicole previously denied dating buzz

Budding romance rumors sparked in October after the singers were spotted holding hands at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. However, in an interview with Puerto Rican journalist Molusco, Nicole shut down romance rumors, hard.

“Imagine if you go out every day with a dog, no one is going to ask you why you leave your house every day with a dog. It’s normal, understand?” We’re not sure we do!

She clarified, “I’m not saying you’re a dog, Hassan,” calling Peso Pluma by his birth name. “It’s as if everyone sees you every day with the same purse,” the singer added. “At some point, they’re going to [ask you about it].”

Continuing, “It’s the same thing. We go everywhere together, we’re getting to know each other, everything is good, and people are obviously going to ask why.”

Well, that took an unexpected twist. Nevertheless, we’re here rooting for this couple.

The couple were rumored to have started dating back in July, but now that they’re official, fans are swooning

Now that we know that Nicki Nicole is Peso Pluma’s morra, the internet couldn’t hold back on their excitement and the reactions are gold.

Despite the couple keeping things under wraps, we all knew PP was dying to let his love show:

And while some fans say the kiss looked like this:

Or this:

This user is all of us right now.

But also, can someone look at us the same way PP looks at Nicki Nicole?

And here’s the tea on who Peso Pluma has dated in the past…

As this new romance flourishes, we’re walking down memory lane to explore Double P’s dating history. Perhaps one of his most well-known novias was actress Dania Méndez of “Acapulco Shore,” who was featured in the video clip of his song “Bye” where they share a kiss.

The Zopapan native also dated Karla Rivas, an influencer and pageant candidate as queen of Mazatlán in 2019. According to La Razón de Mexico, OnlyFans model Jailyne Ojeda and the singer sparked rumors early in the year with a visit to Disneyland. Same goes for influencer Odalys Velasco, who the singer was seen with, but never confirmed their love.