Argentine rapper-singer Nicki Nicole, 23, just appeared on Puerto Rican radio show “Molusco y los Reyes de la Punta,” and it was a wild ride. Buckle your seats for this one!

The start of the interview was all fun and games, bringing up the singer’s six sold-out concerts in Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Talking about how “crazy” life is right now, Nicki Nicole also spoke about being just 4’9, “feeling at home” while giving concerts in her birthplace of Argentina, and being from Rosario — the same hometown as Lionel Messi.

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Then, well… things got a bit more interesting. Dare we say spicy?

By around minute 12:00, interviewer Molusco brought up the topic on everyone’s mind right now. Are Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma, 24, in a relationship or not? In fact, that question has only gained prominence, especially after the singers’ joint performance at last week’s Billboard Latin Music Awards. They might have kept a one-foot distance apart the entire time, but they did hug and leave the stage holding hands:

“You have been promoting your music on Puerto Rico, you’ve been on several shows, and I’m not going to ask you the question everyone is asking you,” Molusco told the “Marisola” singer during the interview. Still, he had to ask: “How sick are you of everyone asking you about Peso Pluma?”

And then, Nicki Nicole gave a response no one was expecting — and the memes are flooding in.

Peso Pluma has spoken out about having “a girlfriend,” but Nicki Nicole just clarified they are “friends”

Peso Pluma has not been shy about telling interviewers he is in a relationship. While he does not mention names, he has mentioned having a girlfriend in at least two recent interviews:

In one interview, the “La Bebé” star said point-blank that he “has a girlfriend,” and in another interview, he stated: “You can’t [make me fall in love] because someone conquered my heart already.” Swoon.

Fans quickly began suspecting Peso Pluma’s girlfriend was Nicki Nicole, with rumors bubbling up sometime after they released their “Por Las Noches (Remix)” together in March.

The musical chemistry is palpable:

They performed the song at the Billboard Latin Music Awards last week, and yes, some fans thought it was a bit “awkward.” But were they so awkwardly stiff during the performance because they’re actually in love? The world might never know.

All we know is that they left the stage holding hands. Plus, one sneaky onlooker filmed more of their hand-holding backstage. They seem pretty couple-y to us:

Okay, so Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma are the musically talented, streetwear-sporting, Gen-Z couple we needed, right? Not quite.

As you can see in Nicki Nicole’s recent interview with Puerto Rican journalist Molusco, she shut down the romance rumors. Even more, she kind of did it in the worst way possible.

When asked about the Peso Pluma romance, she replied, “I don’t get bothered [by being asked about the rumors].”

“Imagine if you go out every day with a dog, no one is going to ask you why you leave your house every day with a dog. It’s normal, understand?” We’re not sure we do!

She clarified, “I’m not saying you’re a dog, Hassan,” calling Peso Pluma by his birth name. “It’s as if everyone sees you every day with the same purse,” the singer added. “At some point, they’re going to [ask you about it].”

Continuing, “It’s the same thing. We go everywhere together, we’re getting to know each other, everything is good, and people are obviously going to ask why.”

Later, Nicki Nicole questioned if she has too much of a height difference with Peso Pluma: “Aren’t I too small?” And while she agreed they are still getting to know each other, she also said, “We are friends.”

How about all that hand-holding while leaving the Latin Billboards’ stage? “There were stairs,” she asserted. “He is a gentleman.”

Later, she had great words to say about the “Ella Baila Sola” star. “I feel that it is difficult with this life, for you to get to know people without others knowing about it.”

“The reality is that we are friends, everything is good, there aren’t any laws or anything. There’s no drama.”

Meanwhile, in another interview, Nicki Nicole may have “friendzoned” Peso Pluma, too. In an interview with radio show El Despelote on La Nueva 94, the singer explained, “We are good friends.”

Now, the Argentine singer is apologizing for her words: “I got very nervous”

As fans swiftly reacted to Nicki Nicole seemingly comparing Peso Pluma to “a dog” or “purse,” the singer took to X to clarify her statements.

“People, don’t take everything out of context, I only wanted to give an example but I got very nervous because of the question,” the “8 AM” singer wrote. “I’m sorry if what I said was not understandable, I would never disrespect anyone, and much less someone I love.”

Still, the memes have commenced — and they’re not stopping anytime soon. Exhibit A? Well, we present to you one meme that made us spit out our coffee. The way we see Peso Pluma, versus the way Nicki Nicole may see him:

And another similar meme, giving us how we see Peso Pluma… versus Nicki Nicole sort of comparing him to a dog or Gucci bag:

Are all Mexicans rallying to defend Peso Pluma after the recent comments? Maybe:

We all feel like this right now. They were our new golden couple!

As one X user put it, “Who would say that Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole would divide Latin America?” And why is this situation our Roman Empire now?

Will this be Nicki Nicole trying to enter Peso Pluma’s house soon? Or are they laughing it off as we speak?

And yes, Peso Pluma might be feeling like Wheezy, the sad, little penguin from “Toy Story” right now: