Argentine Pop Star Nicki Nicole Talks Breakthrough Past Year, “Ella No Es Tuya” and Seeing Women Rise Up

Nicki Nicole is a rising Gen-Z star in Latin music. In under two years, the Argentine artist has a Latin Grammy nomination and a global smash hit under her name. She’s extending her reach by collaborating with artists from around the world like Puerto Rican singer Lunay in “No Toque Mi Naik.” In an exclusive interview with Latido Music, Nicole talked about the origins of her new single, her wild ascent this past year, and her love for her LGBTQ+ fans.

Nicole’s life changed with her Latin Grammy nomination last November.

Since releasing her debut album Recuerdos in 2019, Nicole has dominated the Argentine music scene as part of the country’s Latin trap music wave. The 20-year-old has amassed multiple top five hits on Billboard Argentina’s Hot 100 chart. Her career started to take a different turn last November when she was nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammy Awards.

“That was something that I never expected in my life,” Nicole tells mitú about the nomination. “I knew it would happen one day but not this soon. The Latin Grammys have changed me. They’ve changed the whole course of my career. Even though I didn’t win, that [nomination] put me in a place that I never before dreamed of.”

Now she’s extending her success in Argentina to the rest of the world.

On the heels of that Latin Grammy nomination, Nicole kept the momentum in her career going when she jumped on the “Ella No Es Tuya” remix in February. She teamed up with Dominican artist Rochy RD and Puerto Rican superstar Myke Towers. While she’s known for her Latin trap sound, she dabbles in R&B and reggaeton for this collaboration that’s climbing up the US Billboard Latin chart.

“My life changed a lot [with that song],” she says. “I never before collaborated with artists who were not only big and respected but who were on another global level in their careers. That song with Rochy and Myke Towers not only changed the course of my career, it was a step that took my [artistic] identity to a place where I never thought it could go. I never worked with a rhythm like that. They’re incredible artists.”

Her latest global collaboration is “No Toque Mi Naik” with Lunay.

For her latest single “No Toque Mi Naik,” Nicole teams up with fellow Gen-Z artist on the rise Lunay. She blends her Latin trap edge with the Boricua singer’s reggaeton touch. The music video was shot in Puerto Rico where Nicole and Lunay raced ATVs around the island.

“Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful places that I’ve gotten to know,” she says. “The inspiration for the song was from a few months ago when I put out [an IG] story that said ‘No Toque Mi Naik’ and all my fans hit me up saying, ‘You have to make that into a song. You have to do something with it.'”

A lot of major moments are happening in Nicole’s career, especially in the past year. She’s also learning plenty of lessons along the way.

“There was a lot of pressure,” Nicole says. “Not only pressure from the public to keep putting out music, but pressure from myself to keep putting out something better each time. I forgot that music is something that you have to feel. You have to make music when it’s born. It’s a process that I’m understanding little by little. I’m very proud to be young and to have the power to make music that I’m feeling.”

She’s happy to see more women in these male-dominated genres.

Nicole is also one of the women breaking through the Latin trap and reggaeton music scenes that are largely dominated by men. Since Puerto Rican icon Ivy Queen helped pave the way in these Latin hip-hop genres, more women, like Karol G, Natti Natasha, Becky G, Cazzu, and Anitta, have risen up in her wake.

“I believe that women have always been present in music, but they were never given an adequate opportunity to be heard,” Nicole says. “In this day, to see more women make up the music industry is something that’s incredible to me. There has to be more women, more respect, and more equality in all types of work. It’s not just about the female artists. There has to be more women in all spaces doing what they want to do.”

She loves her fans in the LGBTQ+ community.

Since the women have had to fight for space in these genres, the LGBTQ+ community often identifies with their struggle and feels empowered by their music. I ask Nicole if she has a message for her fans in the community and her face lights up as she gives her answer.

“We feel a bit guilty when we’re free,” Nicole says. “I think it happens to everyone. When we go out with clothes that we like wearing or acting like how we like to act, and someone looks at us strange, we feel like the guilty ones. When someone points at us because we’re different or they think our sexuality is strange, I believe the bad person is one that’s pointing. It makes us feel like we’re the guilty ones. That’s something we always have to fight for and we have to stop feeling guilty for what we feel, who we are, and who we want to be.”

She hopes to keep collaborating on her next album (and there might be a Camilo feature in the future).

As for what’s next, Nicole hopes to drop her second album later this year. One of the artists that she hopes to collaborate with in the future is Colombian pop star Camilo.

“I want to keep making music videos around the world and getting to know new places,” she says. “I want to keep collaborating with artists from different places and spaces. That makes me grow as an artist. I learn a lot from other people.”

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Exclusive: Maluma Talks Sun Collab “Rumba,” Working with The Weeknd, J.Lo And More


Exclusive: Maluma Talks Sun Collab “Rumba,” Working with The Weeknd, J.Lo And More


Maluma is teaming up with the biggest star in the solar system for his new single “Rumba (Puro Oro Anthem).” As part of an Earth Day campaign with Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, the Colombian superstar joined forces with the sun. He’s also coming on a decade in the music industry. In an exclusive interview with Latido Music, Maluma talked about the inspiration behind “Rumba” and the hottest collaborations of his career.

“Rumba” is part of Maluma’s campaign with Michelob.

“Collaborating with the sun was great,” Maluma tells mitú. “Maybe I’m the only artist in the world who has the opportunity. It’s a big thing for me. I enjoyed the process. I also enjoyed working with Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold. They love the same things that I love like helping the world. I feel grateful.”

Maluma recorded “Rumba (Puro Oro Anthem)” for Michelob to celebrate the beer brand’s ULTRA Pure Gold lager that’s brewed with 100 percent renewable electricity from the sun. The warm reggaeton track was recorded featuring sounds from the actual sun. Maluma wrote it with Keityn and Edgar Berrera, who also composed “Hawái” with him.

“These two guys are geniuses,” Maluma says. “When we work together we’re a dream team. When this campaign came to the table, I told them that I needed a big song. I recorded it in Turks and Caicos around three weeks ago. The song came out great. I love it.”

This year Maluma will be celebrating 10 years in the music industry.

This year, Maluma will be celebrating a decade in the industry since the release of his debut single “Farandulera.” After dropping his breakthrough album Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy in Oct. 2015, Maluma is one of the artists that helped globalize Latin music. He’s happy to be a part of the movement, but he also recognizes the stars that came before him.

“It’s not like we started this year or last year,” Maluma says. “This has been work that started with Ricky Martin’s ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ and Shakira like 15 or 20 years ago. I feel like I’m part of it. I feel proud of it. I feel like we still need to do more things, more big things.”

Next up, Maluma’s fans can see him on tour this fall.

As for what’s next, the “Rumba” music video will be released on Earth Day, April 22. Maluma is also hitting the road this fall for his Papi Juancho Tour in the U.S. The tour kicks off in September and runs through late October.

“Coming back to the stage is something that I really need,” Maluma says. “I miss being with my fans. I miss hugging them. I miss going on tour. I miss the whole lifestyle. I can’t wait to see you guys on tour and sing of course for the first time all my new songs that I released this year.”

Since Maluma is also celebrating 10 years in the industry, we had him break down some of the biggest collaborations in his career.

Jennifer Lopez

Maluma will make his big-screen debut in Marry Me with Jennifer Lopez in Feb. 2022. The movie was pushed back to that date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two singers also collaborated on songs for Marry Me like “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely.”

“I always wanted to work on a big project,” Maluma says. “In a big movie. I had a couple of opportunities to work on other things, but I said ‘no’ because I was waiting for this big moment. Thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson and the whole team to make me part of the movie. I have a lot of beautiful moments. She’s great. She’s such a master for me. She taught me many things when we were working together. I would say from the beginning to the end, the whole experience was great.”

The Weeknd

Maluma teamed up with Canadian superstar The Weeknd for a Spanglish remix of “Hawái.” They pushed the song to No. 12 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart. Maluma helped The Weeknd with his Spanish in the remix.

“At the beginning, the first vocals he recorded, I had to tell him to change a little bit,” Maluma says. “The ‘Instagram’ part because he was saying it in the wrong way, like pretty bad Spanish. I sent him the vocals, like the way he had to say it, and then he changed it. He’s great. He’s super talented.”

Ziggy Marley

For his latest album 7 Días En Jamaica (#7DJ), Maluma teamed up with Jamaican star Ziggy Marley for the song “Tonika.” He performed the song for the first time with Bob Marley’s son at the Latin American Music Awards last week.

“That was great working with Ziggy,” Maluma says. “He’s one of my favorite artists too. I always wanted to work with him because I’m a huge fan of Bob Marley. It’s one of the best things I could’ve done in the album. He put the Marley DNA in my project and that was great.”


Maluma and Colombian icon Shakira have teamed up on a number of collaborations, including the hit singles “Chantaje” and “Clandestino.” They also worked together on “Trap,” another cut from Shakira’s El Dorado album.

“I love working with Shakira, but I have to be honest, it’s not easy because she loves everything to be on-point,” Maluma says. “She’s super strict with everything that she does. I would love to work with her again. She’s a master for me too. She’s one of the first big stars that helped me and wanted to work with me. I’m forever grateful to her for giving me the chance to work with such a big artist.”

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Bach Goes Reggaeton in Sebastián Yatra and Myke Tower’s “Pareja del Año” Duet


Bach Goes Reggaeton in Sebastián Yatra and Myke Tower’s “Pareja del Año” Duet


Colombian pop star Sebastián Yatra teams up with Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers for “Pareja del Año.” The two artists interestingly blend classical music with reggaeton.

Sebastián is flying high off his latest hit “Chica Ideal.”

“Pareja del Año” is Yatra’s second new single this year following the ballad “Adiós.” He’s still riding high off the success of last year’s “Chica Ideal” with Boricua rapper Guaynaa. The two artists performed the global smash on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last month.

Sebastián and Myke’s worlds collide in “Pareja del Año.”

“‘Pareja del Año’ represents where I am right now musically, blending pop and urban genres,” Yatra said in a statement. “Everything Myke Towers does is out of this world so I’m excited to collaborate with him on my new single.”

As a leader in the Latin pop scene, Yatra strives to keep the genre interesting. He does just that with “Pareja del Año.” Yatra wrote the song with Towers and the hit-making duo Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, the guys behind “Despacito.” The song opens with a beautiful string arrangement that’s reminiscent of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Cello Suite No. 1: Prelude.”

Soon after the reggaeton beats hit as Yatra and Towers try to win back the loves of their lives in heartfelt performances. As per usual, Towers is a knockout, seamlessly working his versatile flow around the magical soundscape. This breathtaking duet is definitely a contender for song of the year.

The music video was shot with a full-string orchestra.

“On our new collaboration, we bring together the duo of the century,” Towers said. “This song brings together the best of both worlds. It’s a classic. It’s what music is all about.”

The “Pareja del Año” music video was filmed by famed director Daniel Duran. Yatra and Towers perform the song with a full-string orchestra at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami.

Yatra’s follow-up to 2019’s Fantasía album is a hotly anticipated release. Towers is set to drop his next album Lyke Myke later this year.

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