Irany Divad Martínez, a Mexican rising star, is on the cusp of fulfilling one of her biggest dreams: a highly expected musical tour with none other than Karol G. At 19 years old, she is ready for greatness.

Her incredible journey to fame began through the power of social media. In an interview with Telemundo, the accordionist revealed that the musical director of the Colombian artist reached out to her through a direct message.

Following this initial exchange with Karol G’s team, they invited her to join a Tiny Desk concert last May. It was the first time she had direct contact with la Bichota, marking the beginning of this new and exciting musical venture.

“It was such a beautiful experience, and I am truly grateful because they welcomed me with such warmth, and also because it’s an all-female band,” she shared about the two-month tour, “Mañana Será Bonito,” starting on August 11 in Las Vegas.

“There’s a strong sense of unity among women. Female empowerment is something that Karol G highlights a lot, and it extends to each member of the band, making it a wonderful experience. I will perform ‘Gucci y los paños,’ and I’ll also be interpreting it along with other songs added along the way,” she said.

Divad had a kids channel on YouTube nine years ago and now has a duet with her brother

Divad’s passion for art began at a very young age. At 10 years old, she started her YouTube channel, ‘Yrani Manía,’ where she featured interviews and shared things about her life as a kid.

Furthermore, she showcased her musical covers in Spanish and English, as well as artistic performances on television programs or private events.

Undoubtedly, artistic ability runs in her family. Aside from mastering the accordion perfectly, the young star knows how to play the piano, ukelele and guitar. Her mother, Irma Cortéz, plays the piano, and her brother, David, plays the guitar.

Additionally, the singer and brother created the norteño duo “Irany & David”. In 2022, they released the single “Tengo Miedo” after signing with Machin Records, the label company of Pepe Aguilar.

The duo also released “Besos” and “Mi Delito,” which are part of their expected first studio album. Both siblings began collaborating with Ángela Aguilar and joined her concert tour in Mexico and the United States.

“Who would have thought that I recorded my first video a year and a half ago, and now I got the chance to accompany Ángela Aguilar on her ‘Enamorada Mexican Tour,’ all thanks to the discipline and dedication that it took me to develop my skills on the instrument,” the singer wrote on her Instagram.

The Mexican star celebrates successes in her promising career, and regional music fans are reacting

Regional music fans went wild on social media, showering the musician with love and praise upon the multifaceted artist. They unleashed a storm of pride-filled posts and fired up messages to celebrate her talent.

“I feel so proud of you, Irany, a true Cachanilla (flower). You rocked it with the queen Karol G,” one fan said.

Meanwhile, some wished the Mexican singer outstanding success.

“It’s great that they thought of you. Congratulations, may more successes come your way,” another added.

Others expressed their love for traditional music.

“I love Mexico, and if I could be born anywhere else in the world, it would be there—hugs from Valledupar, Colombia. Long live the accordion! Long live to Vallenato!” commented a Colombian fan.