It’s never too late to change your mind — just ask Pepe Aguilar. The iconic singer surprised his fans by correcting his stance on new Mexican music.

Although he initially rejected the corridos tumbados, Aguilar has now paid tribute to Peso Pluma.

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Thanks to the influence of his children, Leonardo and Angela Aguilar, the singer has decided to embrace the new wave of Mexican music. He did so by singing “Ella Baila Sola” on karaoke during the weekend.


No sé que está pasando, felicidades a todas las mamas! Nosotros con karaoke desde temprano @pepeaguilar_oficial 🤯🩷

♬ sonido original – Angela Aguilar 🙂

For Pepe Aguilar, traditional Mexican music has been a treasure to be defended

Pepe Aguilar is one of the most influential figures in traditional Mexican music. The singer is part of a dynasty of legendary Mexican regional singers.

Pepe Aguilar has championed Mexican musical traditions for decades with his remarkable vocal skills and dynamic stage presence. He has dedicated his talent to preserving and expanding the genre.

However, when corridos tumbados began to climb in popularity, Aguilar was antagonistic.

“Today, you don’t have to be a musician to make music. This is traumatizing me,” he said in February 2020 on “El peluche en el estuche,” El Escorpión Dorado’s YouTube interview series. When his host called corridos tumbados “shit” and asked for Aguilar’s opinion, Aguilar humorously stated, “It’s part of the evolution of music and the evolution of the species,” acknowledging that he prefers the “real musicians” of his childhood.

Aguilar went so far as to describe today’s music as “mediocre, cheap and ‘pinche.'”

When the secret is adapting to change

Today, however, Aguilar seems to have changed his mind. After all, adapting to change is the only way to survive in an industry like music.

Whether it’s because of his children or pressure from the industry, Aguilar seemed to have a new perspective on the matter during the Latin Grammys 2022.

“Music is a living entity, constantly evolving,” he said on the red carpet. “I may have been puzzled by corridos tumbados at first, but upon closer examination, I realized the immense creativity and innovation of the genre. It reflects the times we live in, and, as an artist, it is my duty to adapt and appreciate the diverse musical landscape.”

His performance this weekend was the endpoint of a diatribe

In addition to singing “Ella Baila Sola” on karaoke, Aguilar publicly praised Peso Pluma and Adelaido Solis III, “Payo,” singer of Grupo Frontera.

“Sincerely, I deeply respect his singing ability,” Aguilar said during a show, recalling a recent conversation with his son Leonardo about the Grupo Frontera vocalist’s peculiar way of singing. “His voice is rare. Neither conventionally attractive nor unpleasant, but very different. It’s really extraordinary. The public is never wrong, and that’s precisely why Grupo Frontera and Peso Pluma have achieved remarkable success.”

Aguilar also praised Peso Pluma for his demeanor, saying, “A few days ago, I was watching Peso Pluma and watched how he interacted with the audience, particularly with two young girls. You can see how he appreciates the little things, [as] someone genuine. I don’t care about what they do with their lives, but I care about their heart and soul. He’s exceptionally well-behaved. That’s why he’s succeeding.”