Colombian singer Manuel Turizo is speaking out for his compatriota Shakira in light of her recent, explosive session with Argentine DJ Bizarrap.

Shakira’s song is a tiradera missile that puts it all out there

As you probably already heard, Shakira’s Bizarrap track is a “tiradera” missile aimed right at ex-partner Gerard Piqué, and it’s good. With lyrics that mention both Piqué and new girlfriend Clara Chia by name, plus talk about la suegra and problems with the Spanish tax system, let’s just say the song puts it all out there — and we love it.

The “BZRP Music Sessions #53” release was immediately iconic, particularly that “Perdón que te salpique” line… and all that talk about trading in a Ferrari for a Twingo, and a Rolex for a Casio. Because we’re in 2023, the song immediately spawned countless memes. One of the best we saw? We introduce you to Shakira slowly morphing into Mexican canción-de-despecho icon Paquita La Del Barrio:

Reactions to Shakira’s song with Bizarrap were surprisingly mixed

That being said, some people still reacted negatively to Shakira’s song, particularly the way it “airs their dirty laundry” in public. After hearing lyrics outwardly calling out ex Piqué for allegedly cheating, some people rushed in defense of their children. As one Twitter user wrote, “I only think of Shakira and Pique’s children… I can’t imagine how things are after the song.”

To that, many people defended Shakira, writing, “Where was this energy when Piqué kept cheating on her on numerous occasion for years?” And, um, hard agree.

Sure, lyrics like “good luck with my replacement, “I’m worth two of 22,” and “a lot of gym time, but work out your brain, too” are in-your-face— but Shakira has always songs about her authentic, lived experience.

Still, many longtime fans defended the singer’s lyrics— including Manuel Turizo

Who can forget “Donde Están Los Ladrones,” a song inspired by getting robbed at Bogota’s El Dorado airport? Shakira wrote the track’s lyrics like “Where are the thieves? What happens if it’s them? What happens if it’s me?” after thievees stole her luggage and songbook from her. Plus, she wrote the ultimate cortavena track “Antología,” so most fans weren’t as surprised by the Bizarrap session’s authenticity.

Well, one true fan who is 100% on board with the track’s lyrics is none other than “La Bachata” singer Manuel Turizo. As a Shakira fan who has called her “a goddess” in past interviews, Turizo said making true-to-life songs like the Bizarrap session is “what music is for.”

The Colombian 22-year-old explained, “I think music is to really live it… at the end of the day, you write and make music with what you’re vibing, or what you’re feeling in the moment.”

Turizo said “the majority of artists have done” the same. The only difference? Shakira and Piqué’s former relationship was very documented by the press. For that reason, “everyone knows” what she refers to in the track.