If you’ve got the Monday blues, consider watching Karol G’s NPR “Tiny Desk” concert. As the Medellín-born star put it herself, it “feels like a weekend.”

An all-women band backed the “TQG” singer’s performance, some of which accompanied Karol G in her “Tiny Desk” home concert in 2021. This time around, the star gave us a 17-minute rendition of hits from her latest album, “Mañana Será Bonito,” and brought equal parts “Bichota” energy.

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What were we not expecting? Surprising shyness and jazz influences. She debuted her blue hair comeback so, we might return to the “Ocean” era.

Karol G brought “Mexican vibes” to “Gucci Los Paños”— and drank some mezcalito

Karol G’s latest “Tiny Desk” performance is superb for your soul, stripping down her recent hits in favor of jazz and regional Mexican instrumentation. Her all-women band brought guitars, percussion like congas and bongos, a trumpet, a saxophone and more.

Meanwhile, the “Cairo” singer could hardly contain her happiness about singing at NPR Music’s legendary headquarters. Then again, her 2021 “Tiny Desk” performance was recorded at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This time around, it felt like an “amazing moment” for her.

Interestingly enough, Karol G was nervous, too. She explained, “Oh my God. I have to say that I don’t know why I’m so nervous.”

The star continued, “I think it’s because the album is super new and this is the first time I’m singing some of the songs here.”

Still, the session was a “chimba” experience for her through and through, including putting unexpected spins on sleeper hits. The singer started by giving us a jazzy, percussion-heavy reimagining of “Carolina” — with few expecting a trumpet and saxophone to pair so well with it.

Later, Karol G brought “Mexican vibes” to her melancholic, smooth track “Gucci Los Paños,” adding a tuba and accordion. Even cooler? Her band’s backup vocals were all of us whenever we hear that song. Who else can’t help but sing along?

During the session, the singer explained she meant to drink her mezcalito during her performance — but took a sip later.

The singer said the session felt “like a weekend” and being “at home”

Talking to the audience, Karol G said she was “super proud” of her band for putting on such a “special” show.

The experience also felt different for her after performing in stadiums worldwide: “I have to say this is my first time after eight years…that I don’t rehearse with my in-ears,” referring to in-ear monitors usually worn onstage.

She added, “I forgot how cool it feels… I feel in my home… In the living room, with my people, that we just came to share some wine.” Can we get an invite?

After, Karol G said it felt “like a weekend,” cheering with her glass of mezcalito. By the middle of the performance, she went on to “Pero Tú” sans her collaborator Quevedo, but it was still immediately iconic.

This time, the “spin” on the track only involved a keyboard and her voice — until the entire band joined halfway through. That performance nos “Curó Del Cora.”

By the end, the singer gave us “Mercurio,” with a version so good she wondered “why [she] didn’t do this for the album.” A vibe.

As the singer explained, “I have to say what a chimba experience…This is awesome, and it takes us out of the routine of what we’ve normally done.” Continuing, “It was a pleasure to share this moment with everyone at home.”

By the last minutes of the session, Karol G teased an encore, which sadly couldn’t happen. Still, she said she will “keep the moment [with her] for life.”

As you can expect, people are already freaking out about the session on social media — and with good reason. One Twitter user wrote, “No moment is too big for her.”

Meanwhile, another fan took on a more emotional tone and couldn’t have said it better:

She really did!