Are we dreaming, or did Karol G unarchive her relationship photos with ex Anuel AA on Instagram for a hot second?

Some fans seem to think so — except the Bichota singer archived (or deleted), all said photos shortly after. Of course, this bit of information is made all the juicier because it happened right after Anuel dedicated his new song “Mejor Que Yo” to Karol G on Instagram — and tagged her. Why, Anuel…why?

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If you’re curious about this Instagram saga, we’ve got you. We looked into whether Karol G really did unarchive her ex’s photos for a split second, even if they’re all gone now. We’re like the Sherlock Holmes of chisme — de nada.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed Karol G may have revived photos with Anuel on Instagram last week

Twitter user @kpininimemes, posted that Karol G may have brought back all her Instagram photos with Anuel last week. From a screen recording, some fans allegedly noticed how the “MAMIII” singer’s IG suddenly showed old photos of her at basketball games with Anuel.

Additionally, videos of the two singing together, that iconic photo that turned out to be their “Secreto” cover art and even that selfie of the two of them with sunglasses. Yes, the one Anuel tattooed on his back:

And yes, this is an accurate portrayal of how we feel spilling the tea right now:

However, not everyone is convinced. Several people responded to the viral post, many to the effect of: “She never deleted them.”

Yes, many people assert that Karol G’s photos with Anuel have been on the gram for a while. Now our heads are spinning.

This isn’t the first time Karol G brings back her old Instagram photos with Anuel

The “TQG” singer’s choice to allegedly bring back her Anuel pictures on Instagram last week became boiling-hot tea for its timing. The reported move happened after her “Adicto” ex dedicated his new song to her. Then he tagged her in an IG post and kept shooting indirectas at her boyfriend Feid during a concert.

We get it, Anuel, even if tons of fans attribute it to marketing (and it’s working!), this is an obsesión.

Whatever the case, few expected Karol G to react by bringing back their relationship photos — or deleting any they had left.

Pero, the plot thickens. It’s not the first time Karol G makes headlines for allegedly unarchiving photos with Anuel on IG.

In September 2022, the “X Si Volvemos” singer’s faithful fans noticed she had photos up of the two of them on Instagram. Immediately questioning if they were back together.

In this Twitter exchange, a fan exclaimed to Karol G: “BICHOTA NOOOOO” as soon as they saw the couple’s photos. Karol G, though? Como si nada.

As you can see in a screenshot of the exchange, the Medellín native responded: “Deleting photos off social media doesn’t erase the story, or what you lived…That’s why they were always there and always will be.”

So did she or didn’t she?

In short, it seems like Karol G may have never deleted her photos with Anuel after all. Even if some fans assert she did archive, then unarchive, then archive again, at this point, who’s counting?

One thing we do know for sure is all photos are gone now. And it might have something to do with Anuel crossing the line and tagging Karol G in his IG post.

While fan opinions on the topic differ, we’re undoubtedly letting out a collective “Ay, DiOs Mío” right now. And yes, this is all of us right now trying to keep up with this chisme: