Fuerza Regida‘s frontman Jesús Ortiz Paz is a force of nature, bringing us bangers like “Bebe Dame” and “TQM” while also supporting fellow Regional Mexican acts.

Ortiz Paz’s label, Street Mob Records, already counts artists like Chino Pacas and Ángel Tumbado in its roster. Now, its latest partnership with music label Cinq Music will continue to “grow and expand” its efforts — and música Mexicana as a whole.

Since Street Mob Records’ creation in 2018, it has continued putting the Regional Mexican genre on the world stage. The record label’s Instagram shows the incredible acts it pushes, including newcomers like GueroX and Linea Personal. Pro tip? It’s worth a look if you need a playlist refresh.

In April 2019, Ortiz Paz announced on his YouTube channel that he had started his record label. He told fans at the time, “You guys that don’t know, I opened up a record label named Street Mob.” The singer also introduced fans to Jimmy Humilde, leader of the label Rancho Humilde, who he partnered with.

The best part of all is that JOP is just getting started.

Ortiz Paz’s Street Mob Records and Cinq Music will continue making música Mexicana a “global” phenomenon

As Street Mob Records wrote on Instagram, their new partnership with Cinq Music will “support the growth of Mexican music.”

In a press release, Ortiz Paz explained his decision to partner with the California-based record and music distribution label. “We have worked with Cinq for years and know that they’re committed to the genre.”

“It’s only natural that we should partner with them to grow and expand Street Mob,” he said. “Combining their infrastructure, experience, and reach with our talent.”

Cinq Music was nominated for Billboard’s Latin Rhythm Albums Label Of The Year back in 2016, and since then, has always been a staunch supporter of música Latina.

More specifically, though, the label has propelled regional Mexican sounds for years. Cinq partnered with the label Rancho Humilde for a global distribution deal in 2019. Together, they expanded the careers of huge acts like Fuerza Regida and Natanael Cano.

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Another big flex? As per the partnership’s press release, artists Natanael Cano, Fuerza Regida, DannyLux, and Grupo Marca Registrada all released their first records at Cinq Music. You know, no big deal.

In short, it makes sense that nuestro favorito JOP chose Cinq Music to team up and continue paving the way for Regional Mexican sounds and beyond.

The dynamic duo’s first stop? Chino Pacas’ “Yo Preferí Chambear,” which the joint effort released this month.

The new partnership will “add incredible fuel to that fire” of Street Mob Records’ artist roster

Cinq Music’s President Barry Daffurn said the exciting new partnership is all about JOP’s star power, business know-how, and obvious talent.

He described, “We bet on people, not just music, and it’s obvious that Jesús Ortiz Paz is going to carry his success as an artist into his label.”

“We are excited to team up with Street Mob Records to accelerate their growth,” Daffurn explained. “Cinq already brings billions of streams a month to the music world— now, we’re going to add incredible fuel to that fire with these important artists.”

So what do Street Mob Records and Cinq Music plan on doing together? Their “ambitious” plans include supporting Street Mob’s already-impressive roster, putting out bop after bop— and adding new talent to the mix.

Daffurn told Billboard, “Regional Mexican is one of the hottest and fastest[-growing] genres in the world right now, so to have that relationship with someone like Jesús means a lot to us.”

“From the time we first started working in regional Mexican music and the first time I sat down with Jimmy of Rancho Humilde, our goal was to bring this music global,” he recalled.

“The vision at that point was not to make it regional Mexican music, but more música mexicana, expanding it outside that network, to all the countries outside of [Latin America].”

We can’t wait to see what they do next!