Daddy Yankee, 46, wrapped up his final tour, “La Meta,” at the Coliseo arena in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Sunday. Buzzing at its 18,500-person capacity, the iconic arena made for the perfect place for the King of Reggaeton to thank his fans for his three-decade career.

El Cangri shocked fans with surprise guests like Luis Fonsi (singing “Despacito,” of course) and Rauw Alejandro, who gave a rousing performance of his 2008 hit “Salgo Pa’ La Calle.” However, the biggest surprise of the night was actually Daddy Yankee’s speech about his retirement — and his devotion to his faith.

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Toward the end of his last-ever concert, the “Gasolina” star gave a speech about his retirement. Looking back at his career, which began in 1994, he recalled: “I traveled across the world for many years, and won many awards, applause, and praise.”

However, even after superstardom, the singer described still feeling “an emptiness for a long time.” He explained, “I tried to fill my life and find meaning to it. Sometimes I looked like I was very happy, but something was missing to make me feel complete.”

As Daddy Yankee then put it, “those days are now over” amid his plans to “live for” Jesus Christ.

Daddy Yankee told concertgoers that Jesus Christ filled his “emptiness”

Throughout his three-minute-long speech, Daddy Yankee described his plans to devote his life to his Christian faith.

“Someone was able to fill that emptiness that I felt for a long time,” he explained. “I could understand that I was someone to everyone, but I wasn’t anybody without [Jesus Christ].”

Calling last Sunday the “most important day” of his life, the “La Santa” singer gave insight into his new motivation. “Living a life of success is not the same as living a life with purpose,” he said.

“I noticed something that the Bible says,” the star told the concert’s attendees. “What good will it be for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”

“I am not ashamed to tell the entire world that Jesus lives in me,” he added. “And that I will live for him.” At that point, the Coliseo’s crowd went wild, cheering on Daddy Yankee amid his announcement. Still, the “Dura” singer made a surprising distinction between the name his fans know him for — and who he will be going forward.

“Now, those who know me as Daddy Yankee should say Daddy Yankee in Christ, Ramón Ayala in Puerto Rico,” he instructed. “One story is over, and a new story is about to start.”

Hoping that his fans “will walk with him in this new beginning,” the singer promised to use his social media accounts — including his Instagram with 48.9 million followers — in the name of Christianity.

“All the tools that I have in my power, like my music, my social media, the [music] platforms, my microphone, everything that Jesus Christ gave me,” he described. “Is now for [God’s] kingdom.”

Surprisingly, Daddy Yankee also told his fans to stop following him — and to follow Jesus Christ instead.

“I hope that you remember something very important. Don’t follow any man,” the 46-year-old legend advised. “I am a human being. To all of the people that followed me, follow Jesus Christ.”

Telling audience members, “Christ loves you and Christ is coming,” he then directed his speech up above.

“Jesus Christ, just like you allowed me with your mercy to travel the world,” the singer asked. “[I hope that] you to permit me, from Puerto Rico, to evangelize the world.”

Now, the reggaetonero’s fans continue to react to his announcement on social media

Reactions on social media towards Daddy Yankee’s announcement have been overwhelmingly positive — with a few memes for good measure.

One fan wrote on X after watching the concert video, “Honestly, as I listen to this I began to cry.”

Another X user talked about their realization that “money and fame,” really can’t buy happiness. “[This] shows you that nothing in this world can give you the peace and happiness you’re looking for.”

Over on Instagram, Daddy Yankee’s video of his speech has now amassed over 41 million plays, with tens of thousands of comments cheering on his decision. One fan wrote, “My respects for doing what you just did,” while another added, “I am so happy to hear this from someone I always admired as a child and that I still admire as an adult.”

Another commented on the singer’s humble attitude. “This is beautiful! Faith and humility on one stage.”

Meanwhile, some concertgoers reported that Daddy Yankee put up lights outside of his concert that read, “Christ is coming.”

As you can expect, some people on social media have also meme-ified the moment (because it’s the internet). For example, one person used the iconic Spider-Man pointing meme to imagine Daddy Yankee, Farruko, and Héctor el Father — who are all very vocal about their Christianity — recording religious music together.

And then there’s this, which is making us think… maybe Daddy Yankee doesn’t exactly have to retire completely? This is pretty lit: