Shakira has become one of the world’s most successful music stars over the last decades. In celebration of her remarkable artistic journey and philanthropic endeavors, her beloved Barranquilla is paying tribute to her with a jaw-dropping statue.

During a workshop visit, Sculptor Yino Márquez discussed the project with Mayor Jaime Pumarejo. He revealed that they have been working on this masterpiece for approximately 45 days, it is now 70% complete.

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Moreover, he explained that because of the grand size of this project, his team is working on perfecting the details in sections: “The lower part is almost defined, and we’re gradually adding more details.”

“This pays tribute to the Colombian artist, a Barranquilla native, who showcased our culture to the world. It’s also an opportunity for Yino and his fellow artists, including students from the EDA (District School of Art), to show that artistic expressions like this can be born here in Barranquilla,” Pumarejo shared.

He added, “This artwork has nothing to envy from any other sculpture in the world created in the world with its monumental dimensions.”

Shakira’s statue embodies her beauty and femininity, with a skirt mirroring ocean waves

Reflecting the charm, femininity, and dance prowess that characterize the Colombian singer, the nearly 22-foot-tall piece is a testament to her. The statue’s skirt emulates the ocean’s waves and hip movements. 

According to local newspaper El Heraldo, they made the statue out of bronze. As for the location, Semana reports it might end up near the Magdalena River, confirmation is still pending.

But this isn’t the only statue of Shakira in her country. Outside the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium, stands a 16-foot-tall one of her with a guitar in hand, crafted from steel and donated by German artist Dieter Patt, according to El Tiempo.

Fans are buzzing with speculation about whether the singer’s face resembles the artist

The news caused a wave of reactions on social media. While some users were thrilled that Colombian hands were behind the creation, others pondered significant details, such as its placement and final results.

“Wow! And what’s even more important, it showcases that people from Barranquilla can create these marvelous works!” wrote one person on X. 

Others are eagerly wondering how the face will turn out.

“The body and fabric effects are becoming hyper-realistic. Let’s wait to see how the face turns out,” commented another user.

“Such beauty. Please take meticulous care with every detail of the face to convey that humble and loving look that Shaki blesses the whole world with,” another X user added. 

Meanwhile, on Instagram, some suggested potential locations for the statue.

“They should place it in the north because if they put it in the south again, they’ll forget about it, won’t maintain it or anything,” one user wrote.

“At the entrance of Barranquilla along Route 46 to the sea. Let the grandeur of this incredible woman who birthed this city shine,” another person added.