Bad Bunny’s Atlanta concert for his “World’s Hottest Tour” took place at Truist Park on Aug. 8, causing all kinds of excitement for his fanbase in the city. That being said, a few fans decided to disrespect the “Callaíta” singer’s space and safety, and he did not seem happy about it.

With the reggaeton star’s “World’s Hottest Tour” causing a “Moscow Mule”-tinged heatwave throughout the Americas right now, there’s no doubt he is as unstoppable as ever. His latest album “Un Verano Sin Ti” continues to top the charts globally, and his tour brings in DJ’s like Alesso and Diplo as opening acts. In short, Bad Bunny is on fire and as his song “Dos Mil 16” says, there’s no doubt he’s un rey.

That being said, even celebs like Bad Bunny get thrown curveballs every now and then — or should we say phones. His Atlanta concert was jam-packed with fans singing hits like “Me Porto Bonito” and “Efecto,” and at one point, the singer decided to take a selfie with the audience. 

As several TikTok videos show, just as the “Otro Atardecer” rapper was about to snap a selfie, a fan threw their phone directly at him. One video shows how the phone in question actually hits his leg, making him visibly upset.

But does Bad Bunny take anything sitting down? Apparently not. He quickly grabs the fan’s phone from the ground, and throws it behind him. While it is still uncertain whether the phone survived the fall, it’s notable that the reggaeton star made sure to not throw it back to the crowd, risking injury for fans.

As you can expect, fans are already going crazy, and several theories about what happened to the phone abound. One TikTok user commented, “I was there, the security guard pocketed that phone 😭😭😭” which is questionable, while another added, “The owner of the phone probably still on the search for it 🫠.”

Yet another user commented, “Don’t throw anything next time 🙄😂 spend all that money for them tickets, now she gotta get a new phone lmao,” which considering the hundreds of dollars each ticket costs, is very true.

Other people continue to talk about other incidents that happened at the Atlanta concert. One TikToker described other situations that happened at the event, like “a girl that went up and gave him a hug, then the girl that was twerking on him,” to the aforementioned phone toss. One video shows how a woman in an orange dress storms the stage on twerks on the star, while another video demonstrates how another fan gets up and hugs him.


I was next to the first girl that jumped on stage. Her exit 😂 if you’re the girl, send me a DM on insta to send you the video #unveranosintiatlanta #unveranosinti #badbunnyconcert

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Of course, both fans were escorted off stage by security, but we have to question — why are fans doing these things in the first place? One TikTok user wrote, “I feel like Atlanta was kinda disrespectful to him he wanted to enjoy his night and then a lot happened.” 

As one user wrote, “Bro he already engages so much with the audience this is so unnecessary he can get hurt” — and, true. With many videos showing how the phone hits the singer’s leg and how his face changes afterward, plus the security issue of fans getting up onstage, there is no doubt people should be more careful and show respect to one another.