Children often have heroes, and sometimes, they have the unique opportunity to meet them face-to-face. One kid from Mexico turned his dream into reality after capturing the attention of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

In a viral video on social media, we witness the child’s joyous smile and hopeful eyes as he meets his idol after a long journey, holding a special message for the athlete.

The cardboard sign, adorned with the colors of the Mexican flag, read, “I came from Mexico to see Pat Mahomes. I believe in Chiefs.” 

Mahomes responded to the message by taking off his glove and giving it as a special gift to the young fan

In every sports competition, fans express their admiration for their favorite players through various signs, making it particularly special when athletes engage with the audience. 

Following the Chiefs’ victory over the Raiders in Las Vegas last Sunday, Mahomes exhibited an adorable gesture by giving one of his gloves to the enthusiastic kid.

Fans captured this heartwarming moment on camera, and the Chiefs’ official social media channels shared the story, emphasizing the profound connection that transcends borders, linking athletes with their fans.

“Came for Mahomes, and left with his glove,” the Chiefs posted on X. Mahomes also signed autographs on the fans’ shirts.

Mahomes has made headlines for his interactions with fans, both heartwarming and otherwise

The two-time Super Bowl winner made countless headlines because of his interaction with fans. Some are very cute, while others are not so much.

According to the New York Post, he declined an autograph for a young fan at the American Century Championship in July. He said his team asked him to stop signing so many autographs during one of his rounds. 

In the video on TikTok, one kid asked Mahomes to sign his jersey. The quarterback replied, “Can’t sign for everyone … can’t make everybody happy.” The kid’s dad, who was recording, replied: “Yeah, you can … you can just make one kid happy out of a hundred.”

Mahomes then responded with, “I’ll make 99 sad.” After the awkward exchange, Mahomes continued his golf game.

Despite occasional encounters that may not be as pleasant, Mahomes continues to be adored by fans. 

Social media fans react to the gesture that has stolen people’s hearts with heartwarming stories

In a world where sports stars are sometimes distant figures, Mahomes’s genuine and memorable interactions with fans leave a lasting impact, creating a bond that goes beyond the boundaries of a game.

One Twitter user praised Mahomes as “such a sweet person,” while another shared a touching story about traveling thousands of miles with their child. 

“My little one did eleven thousand miles around for that one, but we don’t do signs… just vibes,” added a user.

Meanwhile, some agree the kid will forever treasure that breve encounter: “That was very exceptional! The kid is going to remember that,” shared a YouTube user.

“You can see the excitement,” commented a person on Instagram. Another one said, “Wow! The reason I love the Chiefs. Mahomes is the best.”