The two “only girls in the world” (at least where music is concerned) just met — and life will never be the same.

Yes, queen Rihanna met fellow reina Karol G yesterday after Bad Gal RiRi’s universe-stopping Super Bowl performance, and it was epic. The best part of the interaction? Rihanna saying her time at the Super Bowl “fue una chimba,” an automatic nomination for “honorary Latino” if there ever was one!

All about Karol G’s time meeting her “idol” Rihanna

As you can see in Karol G’s latest Instagram post, the two megastars posed for tons of cute photos after Rihanna’s performance. Embracing and laughing, they were no doubt happy to finally meet each other. Plus, we’re hoping they also talked about a possible collaboration (we can dream). A video shows Karol G asking RiRi, “How was everything?” to which the “Umbrella” singer replies: “Fue una chimba.” OMG.

“La Bichota” included a heartwarming caption in her post, saying, “As a fan, I have to say this was the HIGHLIGHT of my entire life!!!!”

She continued, “I hope that when you all meet your idols, they are as incredible as she was with me. I LOVE YOU @badgalriri #FueUnaChimba.”

There’s no doubt Rihanna’s performance really was “una chimba” (A.K.A. amazing), and Karol G might have enjoyed it the most— out of any fan in the history of fandom. Yep, the “Provenza” singer posted on IG stories her entire journey to see the Rihanna concert… um, we mean Super Bowl.

The lead-up to seeing Rihanna perform (and the Super Bowl) was epic, too

The “Tusa” chanteuse posted an outfit video on IG stories, writing, “Rihanna, I’m f**king ready for you,” and including the iconic song “Needed You.”

Karol G then posted another video getting closer to the State Farm Stadium, screaming as she and her friends arrived. At that point, just like any other fan, the celeb posted tons of videos of the halftime performance. The most adorable part? Karol G screaming in the background: “RIHANNA TE AMO MI AMOR!”

Plus, the Medellin-born singer saw the Super Bowl from a super-cool private suite— alongside other stars like Jay Z. Okay, we’re already dreaming up a Karol G-Rihanna-Beyonce collab now, but we’ll try to relax.

Fast-forward today, and Karol G still isn’t over the fact she met her idol. In fact, she posted another video on IG stories, saying she must be “la niña de los ojitos” of God. Feeling blessed, she explained that on a scale of 1 to 10, her possibilities of meeting Rihanna last night were “-10.”

She described how her and her entourage were already on the plane when they got the call. Of course they went back (it’s the queen after all!) and one of Karol G’s “dreams” came true.

The Colombian singer said, “Sometimes things align when they’re supposed to, and things happen.”

She also said she has “always” been a Rihanna fan, so of course she had to upload a few photos. Even more amazing? Karol G’s birthday is tomorrow, and she said meeting Rihanna was the most “chimba” gift she could have received.

Happy “Karol G Meeting Rihanna Day” to all those that observe— who needs Valentine’s Day anyways? Queens!