Dominican singer and influencer Yailin La Más Viral, 21, and her reported partner, rapper 6ix9ine, 27, are now embroiled in controversy following an alleged domestic violence incident.

As reported by NBC 6, authorities arrested Yailin on Thursday. This followed a domestic dispute at 6ix9ine’s home in Palm Beach County, Florida. According to the outlet, the charges against the Dominican celebrity include aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, property damage-criminal mischief, and obstruction of justice.

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The star‘s arrest allegedly followed an extensive argument with 6ix9ine at his home, with the rapper accusing her of hitting him and damaging his Bentley vehicle.

On Thursday, authorities booked the Dominican rapper into jail and later released her on a $9,000 bond. However, concerning videos and images continue to circulate the internet, showing the mother-of-one with bruising and scrapes on her face. Other videos posted by 6ix9ine on his Instagram Stories show her alleged physical abuse towards him, with the rapper describing: “Yailin is not well, she needs help.”

Here is what to know about the harrowing evidence pointing to domestic violence between Yailin La Más Viral and 6ix9ine, inside sources’ comments on the alleged situation, and where the Dominican singer stands now amid her battery charges.

Domestic violence allegations began after a supposed assault in the Dominican Republic back in October

Back in October, rapper Diamond La Mafia accused 6ix9ine of assaulting members of his team at a studio in the Dominican Republic. According to Telemundo, Diamond La Mafia said 6ix9ine was “jealous” of the fact that he was recording with Yailin La Más Viral.

On Instagram Live, the rapper explained: “[6ix9ine] arrived by surprise and [attacked] everyone.” He added, “He also grabbed Yailin… He [hit her] too… You could hear her crying on the call.”

At the time, Yailin La Más Viral took to Instagram Stories to deny the claims, saying, “I’m tired of people inventing things about me all the time.” She said she was not “separated” from 6ix9ine, and that he was not “abusing” her. Still, Dominican authorities arrested 6ix9ine following the October incident.

Fast forward to last week, and concerning photos began to circulate online, showing the Dominican singer with bruising and cuts on her face.

Many outlets began to question if the bruising was due to physical abuse from 6ix9ine. Apart from the October incident in the Dominican Republic, rumors also swirled in September of Yailin La Más Viral calling 911 about another alleged assault at the hands of her partner. However, once again, the Dominican singer denied all accusations of 6ix9ine being abusive.

According to Univision, Yailin La Más Viral took to Instagram Live to explain the backstory of the photos. “I was in a [car] accident with Dani [Daniel Hernandez, otherwise known as 6ix9ine],” she explained, saying it occurred while leaving a nightclub. “Because [the acciddent] never made the news and was very ‘chill,’ I didn’t say anything to not worry anyone.” Here’s the video of her explanation:

However, more rumors soon swirled, with even some reports claiming that 6ix9ine had run over Yailin La Más Viral on September 6.

6ix9ine shared videos of Yailin La Más Viral allegedly assaulting him

Late last week, rapper 6ix9ine shared disturbing videos on his Instagram Stories. These clips showed Yailin La Más Viral allegedly physically assaulting him:


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Alleging that Yailin La Más Viral could possibly be suffering from postpartum depression, the rapper told his followers, “Yailin is not well, she needs help.”

In one of the videos, 6ix9ine wrote, “This woman needs a lot of love. Not to be used for views.” Some clips show Yailin hitting him with a large stick.

Other videos show more incidents involving physical force, with one clip showing Yailin asking, “Why were you looking at her a** yesterday?” Later, you can hear 6ix9ine saying he is going to call the police, adding, “I have to record because no one knows how you are in real life.”

In an even more disturbing off-camera clip, you can hear 6ix9ine pleading, “Let go of the knife.”

6ix9ine also wrote in his Instagram Stories, “Yailin needs a lot of help. I love her with my entire heart. But I can’t always look like the bad guy.”


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Meanwhile, Dominican radio host Alofoke revealed on his show that Yailin La Más Viral called him before authorities arrested her on battery charges. Alofoke said the Dominican singer called him crying for help. You can hear Yailin say while sobbing, “[6ix9ine] called the police.” She also alleged that 6ix9ine took her phone and deleted any evidence against him.

“You could hear she was desperate, she asked for help,” Alofoke recalled. “[6ix9ine] knows about the United States’ justice system and he knows the tricks in the system.”

“He didn’t publish the videos of him assaulting Yailin, he sold himself as the victim.”

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine says that he paid Yailin’s bail following her arrest. However, Alofoke alleges that the rapper left the Dominican singer alone in a hotel without clothing, identification documents, or money.

More photos show Yailin La Más Viral being taken to the hospital, but the backstory to those images remains unknown:


Respuesta a @Matilda giraldo Yailin la mas viral es hospitalizada despues que tekashi la dejó abandonada en un hotel #yailinlamasviral #yailin #6ix9nine #tekashi #6ix9ine🌈💸 #6ix9ine #alofoke #tekashi69 #6ix9ine🌈

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Following her arrest, Yailin La Más Viral’s attorney Lorenzo Perez told NBC 6, “This case will be resolved in a positive way, I’m sure.”

“Especially when the victim in this case, Mr. Hernandez, is asking the prosecution to drop the case,” he added.


Yailin La Más Viral appeared in bond court Friday in Palm Beach, Florida, where she faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after a fight with Tekashi 6ix9ine. #yailinlamasviral #tekashi69 #battery #palmbeach

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