Yailin La Más Viral was already famous in her home country Dominican Republic for her epic TikTok videos, but the 19-year-old dancer, singer, and content creator is soaring to new heights in light of her relationship with reggaetonero Anuel AA. 

The rapper and Yailin confirmed they were dating after the dancer posted a video on her Instagram account on January 19 after undergoing surgery. Set to Ana Gabriel’s song “Eres Todo en Mi,” it shows the hospital room filled with enormous teddy bears and floral bouquets, captioned, “no words… thank you for making me so happy in so little time EMMAAA!!” While it was still unclear who exactly had given Yailin all the romantic “get better soon” gifts, Anuel AA’s comment, “mine!!!!! More mine than yours” finally substantiated all the rumors. 

Since then, the relationship has been an absolute whirlwind, although not much is known about how long the couple has been together. For one, fans are questioning whether or not they’re engaged: La Más Viral posted another Instagram video this week that shows Anuel AA putting a diamond ring on her finger.

The singer and dancer says, “an engaged woman already. There will be a wedding, everyone.” While the diamond ring is absolutely gorgeous, the rapper can be seen smiling and laughing, looking as happy as can be. Yailin captioned the post, “We only have one life. We live fast… we’re here today, tomorrow isn’t promised!!!!”

Not to be outdone, Anuel AA recently shared two videos of him and his new love on Instagram, too. The first video, posted earlier this week, shows the two passionately kissing in the Dominican Republic and is captioned: “let them talk all the sh*t they want… I’m never going to leave you alone!!!!” 

Meanwhile, the second video is more than just a relationship confirmation — it’s a song announcement. With the caption, “if you look for me I’m in the neighborhood… February 14,” you can see the couple lip-syncing and dancing along to their unreleased song, with both Yailin and Anuel singing verses on the track. With lyrics like “yo soy así, así nací, así crecí, yo no confío en cuero por eso yo ando con sicario” and “dime cuanto tu me quieres… con dinero o sin dinero,” their collaboration is set for Valentine’s Day.

Something notable, though? That also happens to be Anuel AA’s ex’s Karol G’s birthday. Ouch!

So who is Yailin La Más Viral and how did she get famous in the first place? Born Jorgina Guillermo Díaz, the 19-year-old credits her childhood in Los Mina in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for learning how to dance dembow. She explained to Alofokeradioshow back in 2020 that she first became famous locally after participating in a dance competition that her friend invited her to. 

Even though Yailin La Mas Viral says she’s a “romantic” and first learned how to dance salsa, eventually her friends taught her about the world of dembow and she’s never looked back.

Yailin La Mas Viral appeared in the music video for El Alfa El Jefe’s “PA PA PA” in 2019, which launched her career further as she danced in construction wear. As she described on the radio show, she continued to make money through dance appearances and influencer deals, considering her social media following was going through the roof. Today, the dancer’s TikTok has an incredible 1.4 million followers, while her Instagram has 2.1 million.


Yailin La Mas Viral also talked to Alofokeradioshow about losing her father after he died in a car accident when she was a child. While she explained how that gave her an inheritance as an only child on her dad’s side, the experience surely gave the influencer a special sense of drive, ambition, and a need to work harder to support herself.

Once her TikTok dance videos really started exploding, she went on to creating music of her own: she has released several songs including “Cuero” and “Eso Da Pa To,” which she has music videos for.

Meanwhile, Yailin La Mas Viral has collaborated with countless artists, including Sammy The Greatest on “Mi Bebe,” El Villano RD on “CHIVIRIKA,” and Papa Jeison on “Mala.” She even appeared on “Nataly – Remix” alongside artists like Farruko, Zion and De La Ghetto.