If you grew up watching Nickelodeon sitcoms like “Zoey 101” and “Victorious,” then there’s no doubt you know a thing or two about actress and singer Victoria Justice, 29. Since branching out into movie roles like “Afterlife of the Party” and her most recent Netflix film “A Perfect Pairing,” some fans are just finding out that the star is actually Latina.

Okay, so many die-hard fans did in fact already know Justice is Latina, and her iconic characters like Lola Martinez (“Zoey 101”) and Tori Vega (“Victorious”) were undoubtedly at least meant to portray some notion of Latinidad.

That said, few people know where Justice’s Latina side comes from, and a new sit-down interview with Netflix shines light on all of it (tostones and lechón included).


Replying to @ddrrsv Victoria is proud to represent her Puerto Rican heritage 😌

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Over on TikTok, the “Eye Candy” actress told Con Todo Netflix that her mother is Puerto Rican and proudly has “Boricua culture” in her.

She started off by describing her favorite foods, and they no doubt sound extremely delicious: “I love good tostones, nice and thin and crispy, with a mojo sauce… and lechón with rice and beans and some grilled onions.” We’ve never related so much to a Hollywood actress, but here we are. Justice continued, “My mouth is watering right now,” and same here!

Next up, Justice explains that her favorite place in Puerto Rico to travel to is Rincón, which is where her family is from. She describes, “It’s a little surfing town, and you know, those are my roots.” 

While some may be surprised to find out Justice is actually half Boricua, she has been vocal about her culture in the past. For one, when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico back in September 2017, devastating both the people and the land while causing year-long power outages, the actress took to social media to raise awareness. 

In 2018, the “Victorious” star posted about a “beautiful” documentary created for Energise Puerto Rico that talked about how the hurricane’s effects felt exactly the same six months after the fact as they did when it had just occurred.

Justice captioned the Instagram post with, “Being that I’m 1/2 Puerto Rican, I can’t believe how little help the island is still getting after Hurricane Maria.” She continued, talking about how her friend had made the documentary “telling the stories of the Puerto Rican people, and explaining a new plan to help them.”

The actress also once posted about her “Puerto Rican mama” on Twitter for “Woman Crush Wednesday,” writing: “We were going through old pics & found this & I love it so much. 💕 #GotItFromMyMama #QueenSerene.” No doubt they’re practically twins

Meanwhile, over on Con Todo Netflix’s TikTok, users are mind-blown. One person commented, “Since when cuz now I wanna see some proof ngl🤣🤣🤣🤣” and another wrote, “Noted: Was 22 years old when I found out Victoria is Puerto Rican🥹.” 

Still, not everyone is shocked. One TikToker wrote, “‘All of sudden’ y’all she would go on nickelodeon commercials and talk abt her Hispanic heritage, this rlly isn’t new 😭” and another took to the past to talk facts: “HER BEING LATINA WAS LITERALLYYYYY A PART OF VICTORIOUS.” 

No matter where you stand on how shocked you are about Justice being Latina, she told Netflix represents her culture “wherever” she goes, and will wave the Boricua flag “anywhere and everywhere.”