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If you’re anything like us, you spend more time mindlessly browsing through Netflix’s offerings than you do actually watching anything. And if you’re looking for something that specifically suits your interests, let’s face it, the pickings are pretty slim. Most of what comes out of Hollywood is very straight and very white. Hollywood isn’t exactly famous for its commitment to intersectionality.

However, luckily, Netflix’s vast library has a couple of amazing queer movies that artfully explore the breadth of the LGBTQ+ and the Latino experience. Here are 10 LGBTQ+ Latino movies you can stream right now on Netflix.

1.Mosquita y Mari

“Mosquita y Mari” is a 2012 lesbian coming-of-age film. The official synopsis is as follows: “Two Chicana high schoolers, Mari and Yolanda, form a bond that confuses them at times. It was hailed by the New York Times as an “unassuming indie jewel”

2. Dance of the 41

Dance of the 41” is a queer, historical drama piece set in 1901. The movie follows the societal scandal where a police raid busted up a group of high-society men in Mexico. Many of the men were dressed in drag. The movie follows the son-in-law of the Mexican president as he “leads a double life” in traditional politics and the underground queer scene. It is also a love story.

3. Paradise Lost (Paraíso Perdido)

The 2018 Brazilian film “Paradise Lost” explores themes of family, forgiveness, and connection. The official synopsis is as follows: “A cop moonlights as the bodyguard for a young drag queen at a night club, and grows closer to the family of misfit singers that perform there.”

4. Mater

“Mater” is a 2017 Argentinian drama that centers around a lesbian couple who desperately want to have a baby. But the sperm donor they choose ends up being under the control of his domineering mother. The movie touches on themes of love, control, and class difference.

5. Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado

“Mucho Mucho Amor” is the celebrated 2020 documentary about the famous queer Puerto Rican astrologer, Walter Mercado. The movie invesitages why the “dazzling” and “tenderhearted” Walter Mercado “vanished at the peak of his fame.” Critics have called this documentary “charming”, “uplifting” and a “celebration of life.”

6. I Care A Lot

Eiza Gonzalez stars as Fran, the girlfriend of Rosamund Pike’s Marla in “I Care a Lot”. This 2021 Netflix original follows a “court-appointed legal guardian” played by Pike who “defrauds her older clients and traps them under her care.” Gonzalez plays her partner-in-crime. Both roles are deliciously villainous.

7. Laerte-se

This movie follows one of Brazil’s most brilliant cartoonists, Laerte-se, who “introduces herself to the world as a woman” after “presenting as a man for nearly 60 years.” It is an intimate and emotional portrait of a later-in-life transition.

8. Duck Butter

Directed by Puerto Rican filmmaker Miguel Arteta, “Duck Butter” follows the story of two wary young women who embark on a 24-hour experiment on intimacy. However, as the “clock winds down” on their relationship, their romance flounders. There are no Latinos in front of the camera in this movie, but Boricua Miguel Arteta has his artistic fingerprints all over it.

9. Alice Júnior

Brazilian comedy “Alice Júnior” follows the adventures of a transgender teen girl and YouTuber who “shakes up her high school’s conservative ways while trying to secure her first kiss.” The movie has been described as “vibrant“ and “endlessly charming “

10. Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List

“Naomi and her gay best friend, Ely, have been inseparable since childhood, but their bond faces its biggest test yet when they fall for the same guy.” This light-hearted rom-com is for fans of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “Set It Up.” Plus, it stars Boricua Victoria Justice as Naomi.