There is a lot of talk in Hollywood about bettering the representation of people across the board. One group fighting for more representation is the LGBTQ+ community. The LGBTQ+ community is vast covering every race, religion, and ethnicity. Kelly Clarkson recently had Daniel Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” and Stephanie Beatriz of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and the emotions flowed between the two queer icons.

Stephanie Beatriz and Daniel Levy joined Kelly Clarkson on her talk show the love between the two queer stars was real.

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The two queer actors sat down on the couch to talk about the importance of furthering LGBTQ+ representation on television. The conversation between the two entertainers started with an explosion of love and kind words between the two.

“I just have to say, as a fellow person in the queer community, I am so amazed by you. I think the fact that the Human Rights Campaign is honoring you is not enough,” Beatriz told Levy. “I’m going to cry! It’s going to happen! I just think that your work, in general, is so beautiful and so thrilling.”

The pure love and joy of these two celebrating their efforts to being more LGBTQ+ representation to entertainment is touching hearts and minds.

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“The thing that you’ve done, which I think is so incredible is that you’ve introduced audiences to this character who just so happens to be who he is,” Beatriz said about Levy’s “Schitt’s Creek” character. “That is the way to create change, social change, empathy in people. It’s so incredible.”

Even people who don’t like talk shows are seeing the value in this exchange.

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While there is a lot of talk about Beatriz gushing over Levy, Clarkson did turn the conversation to the Latina actress. Clarkson asked Beatriz about how you can help people who are not familiar with LGBTQ+ people to accept these characters.

“It’s definitely like a spoonful of sugar. We got you with those laughs and then we’re going to keep you coming, right? And by the time that you’ve introduced it, you’ve already got the audience in love with you,” Beatriz said. “They already know you, they trust you, you’re funny, you’re having a good time, and then suddenly, for maybe quite a few people, you’re going to be the first person that they’re meeting that identifies that way or is that sexuality.”

Fans of the two are pouring on the love.

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Beatriz admitted that she felt so honored to be able to not only portray an openly bisexual woman but an openly bisexual Latina. Beatriz came out herself as bisexual and was able to get the writers to include it in her character on the show.

The tears and love for this exchange are real and we are all better for having seen it.

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Thank you for always being true to yourselves and showing the younger LGBTQ+ community that they can be who they are without fear and shame. This is an important lesson so many people could benefit from.

Watch the full touching exchange below.

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