Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Are The Other Latina TV Duo Absolutely Killing It

Flaca and Maritza of “OITNB” aren’t the only Latina duo kicking ass on TV these days. Rosa and Amy from the Golden Globe-winning sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” are a killer comedic duo.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

And the best news? They play razor sharp detectives, not meter maids.

Melissa Fumero plays the innocent, smartypants detective Amy Santiago.


Stephanie Beatriz is tough-as-nails detective Rosa Diaz.


Together, detectives Diaz and Santiago kick ass.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

Diaz is sarcastic and kind of terrifying.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox 

Santiago is adorkable.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

And they’ll both crack you up.

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Fox

Fumero, born to Cuban parents and raised in New Jersey, says growing up Latina gave her strength.

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“I think that there’s a quiet strength you’re brought up around when you’re Latin, especially growing up in a Cuban family made of refugees. There definitely was an extreme work ethic — anything less than working really, really hard is unacceptable — and just a general toughness and strength that I learned from the women in my family and my father,” said Fumero to Huffington Post.

Fumero studied drama at NYU. On her last day of class, she got hired on the soap “One Life to Live.”

Credit: One Life To Live / ABC

For four years, she played Adriana Cramer, a naive Puerto Rican girl who aspired to become a fashion designer.

You may also remember Fumero as aspiring minion Zoe on “Gossip Girl.”

Credit: Gossip Girl / CW

Newsflash: She’s currently sporting a baby bump!

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

This detective just got put on diaper duty.

Stephanie Beatriz was born in Argentina to a Bolivian mother and Colombian father.

Credit: Jemal Countess / Getty

She moved to Texas when she was three. Can you say “Tejana boss bitch”?

She got her start in drama as a Shakespearean stage actress.


A photo posted by Stephanie Beatriz (@iamstephbeatz) on

You may remember her as Sonia, Gloria’s little sister on “Modern Family.”

Credit: Modern Family / ABC

You know, the one who tried to seduce Jay.

Together, Beatriz and Fumero are proud Latinas… and total goofballs.

And they’re helping destroy those one-dimensional roles that Latinas have played for decades.

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Beatriz told Latina magazine they’re excited to bring much-needed diversity to television: “If you look at the landscape of television right now, we are in a really exciting time, with shows like ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ ‘Jane the Virgin,’ and ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’ There are so many different types of people right now on television. The light is coming through the cracks. You can’t block it out anymore. It’s changing.”

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Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Stephanie Beatriz played Amy Santiago and Melissa Fumero played Rosa Diaz.

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‘The Tax Collector’ Director Denies That Shia LeBeouf Is In Brownface


‘The Tax Collector’ Director Denies That Shia LeBeouf Is In Brownface

Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Shia LeBeouf is in the new movie “The Tax Collector” and people are accusing him of brownface for this role. The actor takes on the accent for the role and got a chest tattoo to do the role authentically. For some, it is cultural appropriation and it has started a debate.

Shia LeBeouf is the man in “The Tax Collector” and people have questions.

The pulse-pounding trailer has all of the action you can handle so you can only imagine what the full movie is like. The movie is all about the tax collector having to fight to protect his family when a rival takes over his turf. LeBeouf is ready to do whatever it takes to save his family.

Some people are very upset about the role for LeBeouf.

The tattoos and the accent are too much for people. Some have argued that the role was not at all a way of cultural appropriation. Instead, LeBeouf is playing a white role that happens to have grown up in a neighborhood where he picked up the accent and a certain way of dress.

The argument is going both ways with people fighting to defend him.

While the role could be really problematic for some, others see themselves reflected in it. There are many people defending LeBeouf because they too grow up in a neighborhood and took on the culture of the neighborhood.

The director of the film, David Ayer, spoke out saying that LeBeouf is not in brownface.

“He’s a white guy playing a white guy. He’s not taking anyone’s work away,” Ayer told the LA Times to calm the critics.

What do you think?

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Stephanie Beatriz Donates To National Bail Fund To Help Protesters


Stephanie Beatriz Donates To National Bail Fund To Help Protesters

melissafumero / stephaniebeatriz / Instagram

Stephanie Beatriz joined other tv and movie cops in donating to help the Black Lives Matter protesters. The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star donated money to the National Bail Fund to give protesters the money they need to post bail.

Stephanie Beatriz and other people who have worked on show about police are donating to help Black Lives Matter protesters.

Beatriz plays a police officer on the NBC comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The show depicts a police force in New York and has become a wildly successful and popular show. Beatriz decided to follow the lead of another person who has portrayed a police officer in donating money to help those fighting against police brutality.

Former “Blue Bloods” actor Griffin Newman started the trend and it is catching on.

There are so many organizations that you can donate to right now to help the Black Lives Matter cause. Beatriz and Newman chose the National Bail Fund Network. The organization is using the money they raise to pay the bail of people arrested for protesting against police brutality in recent days.

The movement is extending past the actor as more people join in on helping the movement.

Warren Leight is a playwright and television producer best known for his work on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and has worked on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” According to his tweet, his work on the shows inspired him to follow the lead of his colleagues and peers in donating to the cause. Leight chose the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Beatriz’s co-star Melissa Fumero also put up and donated to the National Bail Fund.

There are so many ways to help the fight against racial injustice and police brutality. You can donate to, amplify, volunteer at, or support various organizations that are all committed to the fight. There is no wrong way to help the Black Lives Matter movement so do what you can.

If you want to learn more about the National Bail Fund Network, follow them on social media.

They are a great resource if you want to help the people physically involved in the fight. Social media has been flooded with images and videos of people being brutalized by police at protests across the country. There are even more examples of police arbitrarily arresting people peacefully protest to save Black lives.

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