In her recent cover story for Billboard, Shakira, 46, opened up about whether she feels happy at the moment. Her response? Well, it’s “a very long answer.”

The “El Jefe” songstress bared her emotions throughout the interview — in fact, no topic was off-limits. Some big reveals? Well, for one, Shakira stated that she actually lost money during her 2002-2003 “Tour of the Mongoose.” A.K.A., the much-lauded tour that featured a giant snake.

“[It] was one of my most successful tours, with the biggest production,” the singer recalled. “That serpent cost $1 million and, transporting the serpent, several million more.” By the end of the tour, Shakira gave her manager his commission, but she actually lost $6 million. All because of the snake.

Apart from that, she’s unafraid of AI taking her job (“I have bigger fish to fry”), drives a Toyota Sienna around Miami, loves PJs and margaritas.

Still, while she is as musically productive as ever, Shakira just doesn’t feel “part of the club” of happiness.

While Shakira is inspired by her parents’ 50-year love story, she knows she is “not getting that now”

As you can expect, Shakira also spoke about her very famous breakup with ex Gerard Piqué — and the “uphill” battle that followed.

“My priority was my home, my family. I believed in ’till death do us part,'” she remembered. ” I believed that dream, and I had that dream for myself, for my children.”

She said that her parents’ 50-year love story always inspired her, but that “it didn’t happen” for her family. Still, she said “If life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade.” What is that lemonade, you may ask? Well, lots and lots of new songs (hello, “TQG” and “Monotonía”).

Of course, Shakira continues to take inspiration from her heartbreak and turn it into music. For one, she explained that the concept behind her mermaid character in her “Copa Vacía” music video was a portrayal of her life in Barcelona.

“This siren was first abducted and then, for love, is next to this man, captive and locked up in a way,” she described. “She ends up thrown in the trash and surrounded by rats.” Ouch.

And while she is finally “exterminating the rats” from her life, there still seems to be a lot of pain below the surface.

After the interviewer asked Shakira if she would ever see the positive side to her breakup, she quickly pulled back, saying “I think that nothing can compensate for the pain of destroying a family.”

“But my biggest dream, more than collecting platinum albums and Grammys, was to raise my sons with their father,” she added. “Overcome obstacles and grow old together. I know I’m not getting that now.”

One thing the singer did gain, though? More “strength” than ever before. Shakira recalled, “I thought I was much weaker. I used to crumble before the stupidest problems.”

She gave the example of when she chipped her tooth while filming “The Voice” years ago. “I remember one time, Gerard bought me a diamond ring because I chipped a tooth on ‘The Voice’ and I was crying so much.”

Continuing, “Now I chip a tooth, and it doesn’t go beyond being a little inconvenience. I wouldn’t cry over it for two days in a row like I used to back in the day when I used to be happy. Maturing, going through truly difficult things gives you a sense of perspective and empathy.”

Shakira also had a few things to share on happiness and how she thinks it’s a luxury

While the singer feels much stronger now, that doesn’t mean she feels “happy” yet.

In fact, she said she believes “life compensates,” subtracting and adding as it goes along. Shakira referenced her father’s accident back in June 2022, which made him lose “many of his neurological functions” just around the time of her separation from Piqué.

“I thought, ‘How can so many things happen to me in a year?’ But that’s life.” Later, her music rose to major heights, and her career experienced a renaissance — breaking 14 Guinness World Records with her Bizarrap session.

“My music has also taken new flight, and I suppose that’s the way life compensates,” she looked back. It’s pure mathematics. In my ninth life, I’ll tell you what the total is.”

And while her music is her place of “catharsis,” she isn’t 100% sold on “happiness” yet.

“Sometimes I think happiness isn’t for everyone,” she said, calling happiness a “luxury” not everyone has access to. She added, “Some people are born to be happy, and some people are born to do things, serve the community.” And yes, it seems like the singer now sees herself as part of the latter group.

“I don’t think everyone has access to happiness,” the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer continued. “It’s reserved for a very select number of people, and I can’t say I’m part of the club at this moment.”

Yes, she has “moments of happiness” and “distraction,” but there are darker times in her life, too. “There are also still moments of nostalgia, and my music right now feeds off that cocktail.”

One thing that keeps her going, though? More music… and her next tour, which she says “will be the tour of a lifetime.” Sign us up!