“I’m no beauty queen. I’m just beautiful me,” sings Selena Gomez in her song “Who Says.” That’s precisely how the singer embraces extreme hardship — her transition from a young pop star burdened by her Disney past to an artist celebrating her totality.   

Despite the harsh paparazzi lights, body shaming, a life-threatening illness, bipolar disorder, and public break-ups, Gomez continues to rise.  

She is the most followed woman on Instagram, surpassing 400 million followers, beating Kylie Jenner — who has 382 million — and becoming IG royalty at only 30.  

Now, she will star in a new crime musical movie, ‘Emilia Perez.’

The film, which starts production this spring, will be directed by Jacques Audiard and is described as a comedy. It will also feature Zoe Saldana and Karla Sofia Gascón, the fabulous Spanish trans actor. 

The movie is about a Mexican cartel capo who is on the lam and decides to have a gender-affirming surgery — becoming the woman she always dreamed of being. Gascón plays the lead role. 

A new project and a new chapter in Selena Gomez’s life

Selena has shown her comedic chops as Mabel Mora in “Only Murders in the Building.” She was nominated for her first-ever Golden Globe for the role.   

“Her comedic downplaying and looking at us like we were two insane old men was so perfectly timed,” says Martin Short in a Rolling Stone profile on Gomez. Short plays alongside Selena Gomez with another comedy icon, Steve Martin. 

“She’s not afraid to open up and say, ‘I am as hanging on by a thread as anyone else.’ Most big stars don’t feel that they should do that. Her strength is her honesty,” Short said.

Her rise follows a career that began when she was seven and cast in “Barney and Friends” to her success (and the fashion, the clothes!) on “Only Murders in the Building.

In between, Selena Gomez survived much, documenting it in the brutally raw “My Mind and Me.” She bared it all — her bipolar disorder, kidney transplant, self-doubts, and mauling at the hands of the tabloids. So, if you haven’t watched it, do. 

During the pandemic, she entertained us with her cooking show “Selena + Chef.” She almost cut off her finger, stared in disbelief at things coming out of the oven (an octopus), and generally made us feel better about our collective lack of culinary skills. 

Selena Gomez has her beauty line, Rare, one of the few inclusive celebrity brands, with 48 shades of foundation. Part of the proceeds goes towards access to mental health in underserved communities. 

And let’s not forget her global success with Rema and the song “Calm Down,” — a social media sensation. 

Selena Gomez and her sister were vibing to “Cruel Summer” at Taylor Swifts Eras tour this weekend, just when the announcement of her next film came out, and the rumors of a new romance with Zayn Malik surfaced. 


TAYLOR GIVES SELENA’S SISTER HER HAT DURING “22” 🥹🫶🏻 #selenagomez #taylorswift

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In “My Mind and Me,” Selena asks: “When am I going to be good enough just by myself?” That time is now, Selena. You are much more than good enough.