Ricky Martin’s sister has come forward in court to share text messages from her son, Dennis Sánchez Martin, in order to deny his sexual abuse accusations against the singer once and for all, according to a report by The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer’s sister, Vanessa Martin, shared the text messages in question with the Tribunal de Primera Instancia courthouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico, giving evidence to support the 50-year-old’s innocence.

No doubt put in a difficult situation, the mother chose to testify against her own son and put an end to the months-long court battles.

As the singer’s lawyer José Andreu Fuentes told Telemundo’s “Día a Día,” the text messages showed that Martin’s 21-year-old nephew “had tried to create a story to hurt Ricky” for “a long time.” According to Univision, the messages were sent to his mother and reportedly added more proof that his accusations were false.

While Sánchez Martin dropped the case against his uncle back in July, with the judge dismissing the temporary restraining order placed against the “Maria” singer, turmoil related to the case has continued. 

This time around, the text messages were used as evidence to deny Sánchez Martin’s request for an order of protection against his uncle. Once the messages were provided, judge Maranyeli Colón Requejo indeed denied the request, with the singer’s legal team deeming the 21-year-old’s behavior as “erratic.” 

Andreu Fuentes also told “Día a Día” that Vanessa Martin “feels very sad about this situation, but knows the problems her son is confronting and is interested in helping her son to make sure he isn’t involved in more problems.”

Even more, the lawyer also explained that they don’t know “if there is anyone behind the [nephew]” who might be “involving him in problems,” possibly using him as a pawn to hurt the star. For that very reason, “his mother wants to protect him from that” by testifying against him.

Meanwhile, and according to Page Six, Ricky Martin filed a $20 million lawsuit against his nephew, suing him for damages related to his sexual abuse and incest allegations. In the suit, the singer says that his nephew is a “maladjusted individual” who sent him messages threatening to “assassinate his reputation and integrity” if he didn’t pay him.

Now, the family awaits another court appearance on November 10, where Martin’s current order of protection against his nephew will be re-evaluated.