Bad Bunny‘s outfit at this week’s Met Gala was applauded as a gorgeous tribute to late designer Karl Lagerfeld.

El Conejo Malo sported a Jacquemus white suit that was much grander than a French affair. In fact, said suit included a 26-foot floral train, a stunning backless design and a chain with a “J” charm hanging off his back.

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As the designer explained in a Vogue B.T.S. video, Nicole Kidman’s classic 2004 Chanel commercial—and that iconic backless dress she wore—inspired El Conejo Malo’s outfit.

Fans applaud the urban artists’ “gender-bending” and “fearless” attire. After all, Bad Bunny siempre hace lo que le da la gana—but surprisingly—Ricky Martin’s brother, Eric Martin, recently criticized the singer for it.

Ricky Martin’s brother threw shade against Bad Bunny for influencing boys to be “feminine”

Eric Martin took to Facebook to criticize Bad Bunny’s Met Gala outfit—and fans have many thoughts. The singer’s brother commented on a post that he believes Bad Bunny is a “puppet” of the “elite.”

He continued, accusing the reggaeton singer of “following instructions to influence the boys of our youth to be feminine.” As you can expect, many people are scratching their heads at the comment.

On El Gordo y La Flaca’s Instagram comments section, one fan wrote: “Who is the guy? Sit down!” Another agreed, “It’s so sad a music icon’s brother thinks this way…A clothing item doesn’t make someone more feminine or masculine.”

Another person added, “It’s the Met Gala, where they permit extravagance in fashion… that suit doesn’t mean anything.”

Still, maybe the suit did mean something. Following Bad Bunny’s love of breaking the divide between classically “masculine” and “feminine” fashion, we wouldn’t be surprised.

In fact, the “Un Verano Sin Ti” star was recorded by Vogue as he was getting ready for the most distinguished Monday of the year, admitting he finds more variety at women’s clothing stores.

Saying, “If I was still broke I would go to women’s stores and combine a few pieces I think are cool.” Adding he always preferred women’s stores, even as a child in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, accompanying his mother on outings.

While many people continue to applaud Bad Bunny, others are on a different page entirely. Several Instagram users agree with Eric Martin with one person writing, “Someone had to tell the truth, and [Eric Martin] was brave to say it.”

Still, others questioned Eric Martin criticizing Bad Bunny’s “femininity”—especially when his own brother, Ricky Martin, is gay.

What do you think about Eric Martin’s controversial statement?